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Download Cyber Manhunt free full crack, cracked PC. You can download free Cyber Manhunt for free download Google Drive, One Drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with faster link download free. Digital Manhunt is a story-arranged puzzle game zeroing in on large information, hacking, resident protection, and social laborers. It centers around friendly issues, for example, digital savagery and security breaks.

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About this game

Hi everybody, we are the Aluba Studio, and we are glad to impart our game to you that is Cyber Manhunt.

Like this game's name specifies, this is a digital riddle game which is joined with the organization of viciousness, large information, loss of protection and other social issues.

Many plots of this series game connect with genuine occasions. So you can find numerous natural stories in your day to day existence as Deja-vu scene.


In our innovative flow, we observed that the Internet is more significant in our life than everybody's creative mind. Get-togethers generally have various sentiments in reality. Also, there is consistently has a little gathering who appreciate making a decision about others, and thus, the occasions would be more muddled, in any event, driving crises to occur. At the point when data stream rapidly changes in each spot of the world, unethical behavior and unlawful news generally occur. In this cycle, an ever increasing number of individuals appreciate being passing judgment on process.

After cautious thought, we chose to make an astounding game to allow individuals truly to be familiar with the risks of web world. We center around the dull web, genuinely cybercrime and security theft, attempted to allow gamers to can encounter being a programmer in reality. Every last activity would influence the existence of the characters in the game, which would allow you to reconsider the connection among individuals and the web.


You can do some truly hack in our game:

Web search

You ought to gather essential data about the objectives through the Internet search.

Information base

You can utilize the data set to get profound data about targets.


You would get passwords in light of the got target's data, and use it to sign in to records of various stages (counting email, web-based entertainment, talk application, and so on)


Interestingly, you want to visit with focuses by camouflage and utilize the data to get the trust of the objective.

Picture Analysis

You can get significant data and important pieces of information from pictures.


You can send phishing connections to hack the objectives' equipment gadgets (PC, cell phone), and get private data.

Further developed hacking strategies will be opened later!

Ongoing interaction

Exceptionally Immersive

Gamers play as a programmer in the game, acknowledges the commission of the organization, and settle risky occurrences.

Rich Gameplay

There are bunches of elements of Social Engineering in the game, which is including Detecting, Tracking, Puzzles-Solving, Destroying and Hacking and so forth

Complex Story

The game will pass judgment on the great and evil of the player's way of behaving. Various decisions will prompt different plot bearings.

Different Roles

There are a wide range of jobs in this game with a blaze of character. Their accounts would be dug without anyone else.

Written eventually

Whenever we settled on the topic of the game, we mulled over everything for quite a while. In view of This War of Mine, Papers, Please, Orwell and other superb non mainstream games, we additionally need to make a game that permits gamers to think outside the game. We attempted so often to conceptualize.

We set up a Social Engineering gathering to discover a few specialists and get some information about the abilities for giving gamers a genuine hacking experience. We even perused the book The Art of Deception composed by the popular programmer Kevin David Mitnick to sort out how a genuine programmer's functions. These investigations straightforwardly made the way for another world for us all. The disciplines included social designing, brain science, miniature articulations, state abilities, etc, which sorts of studies cause us to have incredible trust in the topic of the game and ongoing interaction.

Not simply experts and books, we likewise get motivation from film. For instance, through Who Am I: No System Is Safe, we have seen one more clarification about hacking abilities. Through Searching we have figured out how to make narrating in subtleties and how to let the crowds and games center around where we anticipate that they should center. Each time learning makes us nearer to the game in my heart.

So as we referenced previously, this game is extremely exceptional and special which consolidates a great deal of inventiveness. I truly trust that you folks could like this game to such an extent. Kindly go ahead and leave your recommendation and criticism in Community.


This game circle functions admirably and certainly supports investigation, as any disappointments or mix-ups made en route will just send you back a couple of moments all things considered, and typically a couple of moments. It likewise helps that the game spotlights on profundity as opposed to a wide assortment of mechanics. There are various minigames en route, yet they are generally unique cases or done a couple of times one after the other. The center game mechanics are a little set and continue all through the game. These repairmen are genuinely open-finished, so the adaptability you need to work with his fairly high. Also, likewise - the game frequently binds mechanics together to genuinely test your psychological adaptability. Now and again, it can feel modest - as in animal power would be a more proficient strategy than rationale, yet it seldom at any point gets that terrible.

All things considered, the game dislikes clean. It's basically the same as Ace Attorney where you need to choose the specific piece of proof that the game needs, paying little mind to how close or applicable the one you picked really is. Different times, the game has race conditions that happen that don't by and large softlock the game, yet unquestionably misfire it out and gain it hard to headway. While I have never been softlocked in this game, I have run into misfires that compel me to bomb time touchy errands. Also, notwithstanding, a few group have announced softlocks exist in this game, so it's something special to be careful with.

Likewise, the UI is a piece finnicky. The essential UI you will be working with is intended to resemble a PC work area, which is truly cool and makes an incredible background for the remainder of the game, however there are most certainly a few compromised. For instance, you can't utilize your parchment wheel to look at content - you should snap and drag the page or the parchment bar. That got irritating quick, yet I dealt with it. Likewise, like Ace Attorney, examination sections will include you floating over everything and anything you see until your cursor (or for this situation, the foundation) changes to mean that a piece of information has arrived. This makes the most common way of tracking down hints a piece monotonous, despite the fact that the game tosses a couple of new mechanics in for every section. Furthermore, I could be off-base, yet I am genuinely sure that the shading change-on-drift repairman has an abnormal float location, prompting bogus negatives. I don't know, and regardless of whether it is the situation, it is intriguing - perhaps a few times a part.

The story is shockingly captivating. First off, it is a genuinely full grown game, as it dives into a few pretty agonizing and sickening topic. Models incorporate long-lasting in essence injury and illegal exploitation. The game purposes these subjects to make sense of the danger and risk of a shaky web and how individuals exploit it for their advantage. We see repeating characters who battle with these dangers and risks and feel the draw to involve the components for their own motivations. Seeing the battle truly causes the story to feel significant, genuine, and undermining, while not running into any type of force creep. The contentions are remarkable, however independent. The characters develop and create as the story advances.

It's a piece challenging to say if characters have profundity. In fact, they have a ton of profundity, however the vast majority of their profundity is in a real sense given to the player as list items on a board featuring what the person went through. As more projectiles are added, their inspirations get additionally made sense of and afterward their defenses become uncovered. In that light, I'd say pretty much every person we run over has profundity and reason for being in the story. In any case, all things considered, it's still list items on a page - quite possibly's the characters will feel modest since their qualities are seldom uncovered through discourse or discussion.

Furthermore, on that note, it's vital to say that the English rendition of the game is loaded with grammatical mistakes, awful syntax, run-on sentences, and in any case broken english. Also, I don't mean once at regular intervals. I mean on various occasions per section - now and again, on numerous occasions per sentence. Obviously this game was converted into English, yet entirely not well overall. The text is completely justifiable, so I am not annoyed by any means by it, yet I envision others may.

Concerning the voice acting, most audits appear to hate the voices or think that they are tolerable, yet I thought about these voice entertainers made an incredible showing. I was really stunned at how great a portion of these depictions were. The voices didn't simply add another aspect, they really imparted character attributes that the text and story alone proved unable. For instance, Van's voice entertainer truly featured exactly the way in which unhinged the person was - something that the story alone doesn't obviously depict. Another model is Coral's voice entertainer conveying disgrace and shame on top of the dread that the text showed. Each and every voice was extraordinary, yet exceptional commendation to the voice entertainers for Ashley, Van, and Quiller.

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Instructional video


  • Name: Cyber Manhunt
  • Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation,...
  • Developer: Aluba Studio
  • Publisher: Aluba Studio
  • Release date: 3 Feb, 2021

Notice when installing

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  3. Crack if needed
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Configuration required:


  • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 Gen 3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GT630
  • Storage: 3 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 9


  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i5 Gen 3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GT710
  • Storage: 3 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 9

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