Defend the Rook for free download

Download Defend the Rook free full crack, cracked PC. You can download free Defend the Rook for free download Google Drive, One Drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with faster link download free. A roguelike strategies board battle joined with tower safeguard components. Rout the attacking swarms to remain alive and save the land! Appreciate a greater number of strategies than an ordinary TD game, joined with the additional test of building pinnacles and warding off rushes of adversaries! Download Defend the Rook for free now.

Defend the Rook for free download

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Defend the Rook free crack

Defend the Rook cracked

About this game

A roguelike strategies board battle joined with tower safeguard components. Rout the attacking swarms to remain alive and save the land! 

Convey your legends to outfox the adversary! 

Appreciate a bigger number of strategies than your normal TD game, while battling through floods of adversaries. 

Reverse the situation on the intruders with the guide of destroying spells! Conquer the chances and outmaneuver the adversary. 

Fabricate and overhaul your pinnacles to endure the surge! 

To endure you'll have to use something other than your legends mind and ability! Cautious arrangement of pinnacles and redesigns will be important to guarantee triumph. 

Spot traps and blockades to guard your palace! 

Utilize these shrewdly to pipe and befuddle the intruders. Unleash devastation among their positions and separate their painstakingly manicured positions! 

Become a hero to save the realm! 

Do you have the stuff to save the land? Hop directly in and partake in a bunch of procedurally created roguelike turn-based fights like no other! Each fight battled is extraordinary.


Shield The Rook by engineer One Up Plus Entertainment and distributers Goblinz Publishing and Maple Whispering bills itself as "a roguelike strategies board battle joined with tower safeguard components." Beyond working on a matrix and being turn-based, in any case, there truly isn't much roguelike here – no permadeath or procedurally produced perpetual prison levels anticipate us here. All things considered, Defend The Rook invites players into a progression of battlegrounds that firmly take after chess sheets with landscape squares, and gives them control of precisely four moveable pieces – the eponymous palace-like Rook, and three anonymous saints referred to just as the Warrior, Rogue and Sorceress. 

Ongoing interaction is turn-based, without any clocks or different limitations to hustle the player along on the default arrangement. Each piece can move and assault as a matter of course, and the player can utilize a couple off-board activities to help their pieces and upset rivals. The player wins by getting by through different rushes of foe pieces and loses if the foe figures out how to obliterate the Rook – basic, direct and simple to get a handle on conditions. 

While a portion of the off-map activities the player can perform can put static AI-controlled pinnacles, traps and blockades, there are never enough of these gave that any significant part of the guide can be transformed into a labyrinth-like a genuine pinnacle safeguard game. To additional commute home the point that this isn't a pinnacle guard game, blockades and pinnacles put by the player are available to assault by adversary units – an immediate distinction from most pinnacle safeguard games where the aggressors carelessly ruin like cows between the player's dividers. 

The workmanship style and UI plan for Defend The Rook is by and large very spotless and lovely to take a gander at. Most of the player's time will be spent checking out the chessboard-like front line in an isometric view, and a couple of issues definitely spring from this style. Most remarkably, pieces and territory can impede things 'behind' them according to the player's viewpoint, and keeping in mind that the front piece turns clear when the player mouses over the blocked piece, it is as yet conceivable to miss seeing a little adversary piece behind a bigger sprite, or having the ordinarily apparent detail block hung out of the player's view. Considering that the battleground is of very restricted size this isn't regularly really awful of an issue as it is doubtful the player will have forgotten about a piece moving into a blocked position, however it is as yet a thing significant. 


Safeguard The Rook inclines effectively into a blend of development and interpiece cooperative energies to keep players drew in with its turn-based activity. Try not to expect the exemplary pinnacle guard figures of speech of mobilized labyrinths and careless crowds of flunkies, in any case, as this plays more as an advancement of chess than a pinnacle safeguard game. Useful for players who need a lightweight strategies game, however stay away from it in case you are simply hoping to watch many peons walk into your specially constructed meat processor. In general a great game to play, however I question it will make a ton of player's 'best of 2021' records as not many of its provisions truly stand apart with a "amazing" factor to make it really important.

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  • Name: Defend the Rook
  • Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy,...
  • Developer: One Up Plus
  • Publisher: Goblinz Publishing, Maple Whispering Limited
  • Release date: Oct 26, 2021

Notice when installing

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Configuration required:


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 250 MB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 0GB or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 300 MB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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