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Download Oxygen Not Included free full crack, cracked PC. You can download free Oxygen Not Included for free download Google Drive, One Drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with faster link download free. Deep inside the alien space rock, your industrial team will have to master science, overcome strange new life,... In the space colony simulation game Oxygen Not include, you will find that the lack of oxygen, heat and livelihood is a constant threat to the survival of your colony. Guide the colonists through the dangers of life on subterranean asteroids and observe their population growth, because they not only survive but thrive...

Download Oxygen Not Included free crack

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Oxygen Not Included free cracked

Oxygen Not Included free download

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In the space colony simulation game Oxygen Not include, you will find that the lack of oxygen, heat and livelihood is a constant threat to the survival of your colony. Guide the colonists through the dangers of life on subterranean asteroids and observe their population growth, because they not only survive but thrive...

Oxygen Not Included download free

Just make sure you remember to breathe.

Build an extensible database and understand the necessary conditions for survival: Everything in your space colony is under your control, from mining and resource allocation to hydroelectric systems. However, when you take your first breath, resources will start to run out, so if you want to stay alive, remember to dig fast.

In the stress simulation, thought is more important than matter: Through fun activities, good living conditions, and even providing the best food for your flock, escape the psychological impact to survive. Every clone has a different way of dealing with stress and it's potentially destructive, so make sure they're fun. Regardless of the price.

Avoid thermodynamic boiling: Temperature control is an ongoing issue in space; too cold - you will freeze, too hot - you will explode. Monitor ambient temperature and heat output from your colony to maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for your colonists.

Improve efficiency through comprehensive gas and liquid modeling: Create a system of interconnected pipelines to quickly transport fuel and liquids to key areas of the base. Plan and get rewarded as your colony becomes a well-functioning, indispensable machine.

Responsible for mesh simulation: Choose from a variety of energy sources, including coal, hydrogen, natural gas, or just use old grease. Manage leaks, circuit overloads, and accidents to keep your flock running smoothly.

Maintain self-control: Enter the Oxygen Overlay and watch the air pass through your base in real-time. Track the build-up of carbon dioxide and observe oxygen generation, turning your colony into a veritable deep-space oasis.

Don't waste anything on it: Use all resources to build a truly productive base of operations. Recycle waste as valuable fuel, recycle non-recyclable air or use natural processes of wildlife as food. If you're smart, you can even build a base from a group of colonists.

Explore the many new worlds created by this process: Just press a button to call a new world. Experience all the wild space rocks, and then suffocate!


After the endurance blockbuster Don't Starve, Klei Entertainment keeps on keeping the extraordinary and amazingly attractive realistic style for another development game, Oxygen Not Included. Albeit not complete, yet the thought and content of the game makes players extremely energized, also it's independent designs. 

The thought isn't new yet appealing:

Oxygen Not Included doesn't have a total plot, however spins around building a scaled down society inside a goliath shooting star, and the occupants here are for the most part clones ( in the game called Duplicant). The setting will make you consider Fallout Shelter or Rimworld. 

You will begin building things inside the shooting star beginning from zero with the assistance of the initial three occupants. However, the prompt issue you face is a lot of Duplicant details while picking the initial three inhabitants, these details will influence the proficiency - execution - working velocity or perseverance of the Duplicant. there. Furthermore, each Duplicant has a specific deformity that will influence numerous things, for example, not having the option to cook - research, or in any event, having touchy inside condition that makes that Duplicant need to go to the washroom frequently. more habitually than other Duplicants. 

From the get go, the game is somewhat confounding a direct result of such a large number of buttons – the pointer table and numerous different things. The game has a fairly abnormal control component, you don't need to highlight every inhabitant and afterward request to do various things, yet every time you provide the request, numerous occupants will do it simultaneously - however it additionally relies upon the details. what's more, the extraordinary properties of every one of those occupants too. In any case, when beginning, the greater part of the fundamental things are building and burrowing, so nearly anybody can do it, exactly how quick it is or not. 

The primary issue you experience when you begin mining around is Oxygen, and as the situation Oxygen Not Included, the principal thing you need to make and keep up with consistently is Oxygen. The game gives a device to group gases on the guide, blue means breathable, and different shadings mean noxious or non-breathable gas. The more you investigate, the more you need to spread the Oxygen equitably over the spaces, so the Duplicants can have oxygen and work. In the beginning position is accessible a stone equipped for delivering Oxygen (Oxylite), that is your "capital" and you should do to have the option to make one more wellspring of Oxygen before that stone melts. . 

The game doesn't simply direct you through the teeth as it gives you implies concerning what is missing and how to settle it. For instance, the left corner of the screen shows you the measure of oxygen that is diminishing, and how much oxygen you need to give to guarantee that you stay dynamic consistently. In the wake of comprehension, you simply need to take a gander at the base left corner, there will be a progression of development things, and you simply need to haul in and pick the one you need to fabricate, then, at that point, check out the materials and send the Duplicant to mine - then, at that point, make. The game doesn't have a decent casing, it is altogether dependent upon you to choose what you will do. It's somewhat troublesome from the outset, since everything is so obscure and everything is excessively abnormal to the point that you don't have the foggiest idea what to do. Yet, gradually study, you will track down the game is very simple to get a handle on, simply set aside a little effort to comprehend everything. You likewise don't stress over sat around idly and Oxygen will be devoured without building anything, on the grounds that the game has a course of events control instrument, you can Stop - Run or quick forward as you like. 

A striking and exact world:

Everything about the game has next to zero impact on the remainder of the components, similar to a cascading type of influence or a butterfly's wings. With the goal that you should not miss anything, however in particular, you should guarantee the personal satisfaction of Duplicants so as not to influence work efficiency. With regards to guaranteeing personal satisfaction, it is important to specify the fundamental necessities of Duplicants like eating, dozing, resting and… going to the latrine. For instance, when dozing Duplicant isn't hindered by commotion, in any case the following day Duplicant will be dormant and work execution isn't high because of not dozing straight. Or then again the most sensible is that the Duplicants need to go to the restroom, and in the event that you don't construct the latrine, the Duplicants will flush on the spot, which will dirty the air and water sources (luckily, just in the game. use water for something different, not drinking). 

Notwithstanding the little subtleties identified with the ongoing interaction, the outflows of the Duplicants are additionally exceptionally intriguing. For instance, when you send Duplicant to clean the latrine, your face will be noticeably disturbed and droopy, or wipe the loss on the floor with a nauseated face at what you are doing. What's more, in the wake of going to the latrine, the face is exceptionally new and serene as though a weight has been lifted from the heart (both in a real sense and metaphorically), the facts confirm that everything is less significant when you have… clear). these 

Subtleties don't straightforwardly influence interactivity, however cause players to feel invigorated when giving close consideration. 

Fascinating intricacy: 

Beginning with the "hair in the opening" time frame, there is just burrowing and building the nuts and bolts, yet bit by bit you need to extend the region, work on the offices and get more Duplicants. Offices are a serious issue that you need to invest a ton of energy planning and carrying out, subsequently guaranteeing a shut and enduring environment. The principal issue you will experience is planning the area of the room or machine so it is generally advantageous, that, however you need to ensure that Oxygen is wherever so the Duplicant can relax. Then, at that point, there is the electrical framework, the main standard is for all machines to work, the subsequent basis is to save the most crude materials, and it is pricey to need to be wonderful. 

After everything is essentially fully operational, the following thing you need to do is to keep up with it. This is another issue since you just have the fundamentals to attempt to serve the necessities of the Duplicants, insufficient components to act naturally adequate. Now, you might need to stop the game for quite a while to discover an answer. Also, that is not all since you and the Duplicants are by all account not the only animals on this shooting star, however there are different animals meandering outside, and absolutely during the development you should experience many. The primary concern is the thing that you will do when Duplicant experiences these animals, just as manage the outcomes after each experience. 


Albeit still in the Alpha stage, the game as of now has a great deal of things to play, obviously there will be bugs, for example, when irregular Duplicants, you might experience a Duplicant whose fundamental occupation is a gourmet specialist yet can't cook. , yet it doesn't make any difference since you can pick another Duplicant. Minor blunders to the side, the game has barely anything to reprimand both from the illustrations to the interactivity. Keeping the elements from the drawings in Don't Starve, then, at that point, joining Fallout Shelter and Rimworld, making an amazingly appealing development - the board - endurance game. Oxygen Not Included has an exceptionally weird wonder, which causes the people who to have not played the administration development classification or don't prefer to go through no less than 1 hour grabbing, in light of the fact that it is brimming with new things - not confounding however the other way around. simpler to see and more alluring to players. The game can possibly become probably the best round of 2017, a decent and quality independent game, and furthermore doesn't need a lot of equipment.

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  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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