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Alone or with friends, your mission is to survive on an epic ocean adventure across treacherous waters! Collect trash to survive, expand your raft and watch out for danger Ocean! Raft free download full version only in freefull-xyz.

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This game: RAFT throws player Alone or with friends(Multiplayer) with big open sea, your mission is to survive on an epic ocean adventure across treacherous waters! Collect trash to survive, expand your raft and watch out for danger Ocean!

Raft Multiplayer online with friend download

Trapped on a small raft with nothing but an old plastic hook, the player wakes up in a giant blue ocean all alone and without land! A dry throat and an empty stomach, Surviving won't be easy!

Raft takes you and your friends on an epic adventure across the high seas to survive, gather resources, and build yourself a worthy sailboat Survival.

The resources are scarce at sea. Those who fish must catch any floating debris using their hooks and, if possible to dig up reefs beneath the waves, and on islands that are above.

However, thirst and hunger aren't the only dangers in the ocean...beware of humans.

By eating a shark determined to finish its journey! trapped on the man eating shark determined to end your voyage


  • Multiplayer! Survive alone or with friends in multiplayer co-op!
  • Hook! Use the grappling hook to catch passing debris.
  • Crafts! Build survival gear, weapons, crops and more to survive!
  • Build! Turn your raft from a simple wreck into a floating mansion.
  • Research! Learn new things to craft in the research board.
  • Navigate! Get on a raft to new locations!
  • Dive! Drop anchor and explore the depths to find more resources.
  • Fight! Protect your raft from the dangers of the ocean.
  • scavenge the reefs beneath
  • catch whatever debris floats
  • catching debris
  • reefs beneath the waves
  • resources are tough
  • floating home
  • trusty hook
  • sea players

Reviews Raft

In the brilliant era of the Survival game, all competition had to be carefully considered by the manufacturers, and we can't help but mention the Raft game.

Entering the game market with the first item, Redbeet did not expect that they would improve so much. Delivered on May 23, 2018, less than a month, yet Raft has attracted close to 20,000 players. Most notably, the number of views on Twitch has skyrocketed recently. The achievement of 8000 is the largest number recorded by Steam Stats.

Pontoon implies what can be compared to an "investigation buoy" and, in keeping with its name, this game takes players and colleagues into a vast marine world. There they will collect materials from basic to complex to art, craft and earn in brutal nature. Sharks will be enemies along the way. Thrown into the water, he will appear, without important weapons, the price to pay is very high.

Raft's interactivity is a lot like Minecraft, to endure you need to explore food and water. When it comes to ashore, the problem is in fact much more complicated than coming ashore.

When in the ocean, the player will be sent a small float and a fishing trap. They can optionally buy items for the trap.

In the ocean, fish can be gotten, at times an island shows up, food and natural product can likewise be gathered. Yet, "water" is something else entirely. Making a glass, simply gathering up ocean water to drink, the quicker you pass on.

As science has said, you can abandon nourishment for quite a long time, yet not water. So gamers should focus on creating simple machines to cook seawater into drinking water. Or then again make tomahawks to chop down coconut trees, coconuts simply add water and battle hunger. 

Endurance is only the start in the game, battling against nature and investigating the new world is truly fun. Whenever you've gotten comfortable with the hob, and the water container on the pontoon, the following stage is to show the shark something new.

Been kidding around sufficiently long, it's the ideal opportunity for us to defend ourselves before things go excessively far. That is, as well as gnawing individuals, sharks additionally chomp your pontoon, sadly gnawing into where you put significant things, every one of your endeavors will be squandered. Be cautious with them. 

The game's main feature is the group play mode, which makes it easier to explore and find new areas. Playing alone takes up most of the day, so it's best to team up with others to make the most of the game.

At the point when the art arrives at the radar, place them in a sensible position, "This jungle gym is yours". Obviously, you need to transform that copra pontoon into a major boat first, then, at that point, ponder introducing full innovation.

Radar in mix with sails and rudders will assist players withdrawing closer quicker and all the more precisely with present-day developments. A spot that can bring endless valuable things. 

The get-goal Raft appears to be straightforward, similar to a kid's game, but if your children play, erase the game after 5 minutes. So don't go for the appearance; the game is extremely difficult, requires perseverance, and a lot of imagination.

On the off chance that you have an awful day, find a lot of companions to go to Raft to play and track down some agreeable minutes.

Pontoon is profoundly valued by an extra factor that alludes to the issue of littering in the ocean. The measure of plastic jugs and metal sections is endless. 

The music in the game is likewise very acceptable, real. Each time you get nibbled by a shark, you comprehend the scene, the blood misfortune is awkward, and the person is as yet grand.

The surprising story in the game is regularly obviously. The sound of waves, birdsong, waves, wind and downpour are exuberant. I figure the game should add the "Best with earphone" line so gamers can excel and exploit the experience.

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  3. Add this game to steam. library
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Configuration required download RAFT cracked:


  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: 2nd generation Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 500 or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: i5 6 Core Processor or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 700 Series or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB av

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