Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath for free download

Download Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath free full crack, cracked PC. You can download free Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath for free download Google Drive, One Drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with faster link download free. ZERO 2 is an ARPG with charming narrating, an erratic fight framework, and interminable ardent experience. The story incorporates different unpretentious allegories for the connection among God and people.

Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath free download

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Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath free crack

Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath free full

About this game

Story Description:

Champion Anthem ZERO 2: Scalescars Oath When the world was liberated of bedlam, the Twin Virgin Saints began the circle of the seven Judgment day. Whenever the terrains were overflowed on the 6th Armageddon, after the relatives of the Savior got gifts from God, they restored under the new conceived Tree of Life Terasyr, laying out the imperial city of Vuzahem. In any case, ichthyopagion actually kept on developing, clarifying that the Gods have not pardoned the world. Individuals should track down replies to the significance of battle while enduring the transgressions and disciplines before Judgment Day. The story incorporates various unpretentious similitudes for the connection among God and people.

The game spins around Shama, the youthful descendent of Gon Arrue who endure ichthyopagion. Living under the Tree of Life and turning into a priestess, then, at that point, leaving the Tree of Life just before the Star Ark Festival, she headed out to the far west to Uzato, the town of the Forest Keepers. She goes searching for the supporter her mom told her of in order to observe a customary and straightforward home, however the main hint her mom left was a pin. What has Shama experienced? Maintaining her tears and dejection mystery behind her grin, leaving the spot she vowed to search for. Yet, will her destiny really bring her tranquility?

Regarding the game:

Courageous woman Anthem ZERO 2 : Scalescars Oath is a constant 2D blended in with 3D side-looking over story-based ARPG, at the same time supporting regulator and console input. Open more abilities by evening out your personality.

The game's makers have utilized their inventive inventiveness to present to you a long mysterious "two part harmony". The game consolidates legends of mermaids as well as Serbian and East Asian ancestral culture to make its social world. Made over numerous years, it includes almost 400,000 expressions of exchange, north of 500 stories CG, 300 phases, and more than 500 story exhibitions. It has truly been rejuvenated a like a long TV series yet as an experience game. The soundtrack incorporates numerous melodies from various music makers, which takes your experience to an unheard of level!

Clear narrating

With more than 100s of CGs and 2D liveliness, every scene is painstakingly lined up with both visual and sound. Beyond what 100 phases and 400,000 words, players can really drench in the realm of Heroine Anthem Zero.

Top notch BGM

Music creation group incorporates Joe Chou, Japanese author Motoki Ohno, Tetsuya Ueda, and Shigezo Kamimura who got the Highest-Kuninomiya International Culture Award in 2013. Champion Anthem Zero 2 keeps on carrying the absolute best BGMs to its players.

Opens various abilities

As the person step up, players have a scope of abilities to open including avoid, perry, triple leap, bounce assault, and that's just the beginning. With the ideal mix, players can have their own style of battle.

Battle friend

There is a battle friend framework in Heroine Anthem Zero 2. Battle friend step up as the story advances, in this way opening more abilities to enact during battle.

Puzzle tackling

There are riddles to tackle in each guide. In addition to the fact that they are fundamental for stage culmination, yet additionally covered up treasures for players to investigate. A portion of the secret fortunes will extensively help the players.

Creating and cooking framework

Players can gather plunder all through the game and specialty different hardware, redesign the weapons, or make them into an assortment of food to upgrade the person.

Hardware detached abilities

Weapons and guards have different detached abilities. Players can pick any sort of weapon relying upon their battle style.

Exceptional occasion

There are various choices for players to pick during discussions. Some of the time by settling on an alternate decision, there may be an exceptional occasion in the game.

Campaign System

Try not to miss any dubious regions in a phase! Hunching and investigating allows you an opportunity to get great stuff. In hazardous travel circumstances, utilize Cuckoo's capacity to search for dubious investigation destinations and order Cuckoo to additionally investigate the region for an opportunity to acquire extraordinary plunder.

Cooking and Crafting System

Utilizing materials acquired from investigating to cook or art can make valuable weapons, stuff, and feast boxes. These can be utilized to build the details of weapon and stuff.

Different Items and Gear

Character progress, weapons, and stuff have a tight association. Numerous weapons, protection, shots, runes, seals, food fixings, and cooking benefits not just give atk/def to equip, weapons, covering, and rune impacts yet in addition adds an alternate assault move impact.

Hidden goody Questline and Multi-choice Conversation System

Story advances through discourse. To empower specific story lines, picking different discourse choices are required. Remember to select each choice regardless of whether it might prompt passing, as an alternate translation of the story might prompt startling occasions. Other than the principle journey line, there are covered up stages as moves for players to investigate.

The game backings redid consoles, PS4/PS5/XBOX360 and up, as well as most regulator brands. Gives a switch choice to PS regulator settings (US spec/JP spec) and fractional UI customization. (Ex: BUFF symbol). Because of OS, a few regulators might encounter button setting blunders under remote mode. We are exceptionally upset for the bother.

[Try not to stress over feeling unware of present circumstances on the off chance that you haven't played the past ZERO 2, we'll get you up on past occasions in-game. If it's not too much trouble, have fun!!]

Principle Characters:

Shama Kutami

Age 17 \ June sixth \ 156cm \ B90 W54 H83

A little youngster slipped from Gon Arrue, separated from her own mom by the age of 10. Having gone through subjection, taking, acting, and meandering for a long while, awful things end up peopling near her. She has figured out how to not cry and to monitor her insider facts by being abnormal and unusual. Familiar with dressing like a youthful chap, with first rate lockpicking, singing, and cooking abilities, she's ready to strike when required. Having the option to eat is her approach to everyday life. Close by Shama is Cuckoo, her best sidekick.

Wanin Sarem

Age 19 \ November third \ 177cm

Relative of one of the three biggest families, the Uzato. The two guardians kicked the bucket when he was youthful, and he grew up with more youthful sister Naire and Mormolia. Acquired his folks' stunning creating and mechanical ability, figures out harmony in every opportunity the mallet rams down in the studio his folks left behind. Diving deep into the Longhorn Forest to explore gems, he meets the tragically missing Evolous. Wanin and Mormolia both face a hazardous experience.


Age 19 \ March 27th \ 38cm

Nicknamed MoMo, grew up with BFF Wanin. Age is questionable, yet Wanin wasn't conceived at this point when he showed up at Sarem's. From that point onward, she has been a more established sister figure and close with the Sarem family. Has a sweet elvish look however is hard within - - drinking and battling is unquestionably a good fit for her.


Age 21 \ September fifteenth \ 183cm

A sanctuary watch who regularly goes between Starry Mountain and East Mountain Trail. Great at utilizing lances. Appreciates time alone and appears as though SACRED TEMPLE GUARD CAPTAIN Sigud, hence getting the moniker Twin Spirit. Is frequently somewhere down in his own reality, and utilizations reasonable examination to tackle all issues. Can't quit talking once you get his advantage, and conceals nothing from his old buddy Meowgiko.


Age 19 \ January tenth \ 168cm \ B80 W56 H85

Female hero of the East Tower Forest Keepers. Great with a sword and safeguard. Dropped off the mark just to see Iron Arty at West Forest Keeper Tower in Longhorn Forest. Steady character who doesn't talk a lot, frequently shocks individuals with her intensity.

Mia Kettica:

Age 17 \ October tenth \ 156cm

An amigo Shama met while acting at Caffarno. Both of them are in a state of harmony like Twin Spirits; she is essential to Shama. Made a guarantee with Shama to climb Terasyr, the Tree of Life together. Mia and Shama end up in Vuzahem by destiny after the group was attacked by ichthyopagion.


Age 18 \ June fifteenth \ 162cm \ B82 W52 H83

One of Uzato's most confided in Priests. Deals with numerous Sacred Temple game plans. Has an exceptional gift, ready to recognize all spirits. Was initially looked for as a Uzato Star Ark Priestess however in the end Wanin's more youthful sister Naire got approval. Remains as a cherished memory to her for Welly and has a more youthful sister working parttime at Muscles Bar.


Head of the mysterious association in Vuzahem. Respectable and cool, nobody dares look at her straight without flinching. Shama calls her Mother, however isn't her introduction to the world mother. She anticipates that beneficial things should come for Shama.


February 29 \ 165cm \ B83 W50 H84

A voyager from Nassan taking safe house at the Pekt Tavern. Goes out around evening time and returns tired during the day to stay in bed. Continuously has an abhorrent smile while inquiring as to whether they extravagant a round of Quent, a game she uses to look for her fortune that day.


February eleventh \ 183cm

Individual protector to Yaza's Deadly Navy Captain. Cutthroat, quiet and lone character gives the impression he'll be not difficult to coexist with. Doesn't have the commonplace Yaza male "sly" yet tracks down interest in acting and music.

Panad Robus: 

Age 32 \ December ninth \ 187cm

Nield Wharf's weapon-manufacturing lord, otherwise called The Furnace. Popular all through Uzato, an entertaining, conclusive, and experienced tracker. From animals and beasts in the backwoods to ladies, all are his prey.


Age 27 \ November fourteenth \ 172cm \ B88 W60 H90

A lady who is just about as regarded as Panad. Staggering looks, as gallant as her male partners, and expert of arrow based weaponry. Is an accomplished tracker and generally just takes orders from Uzato elderly folks.


Age 40 \ May eighth \ 198cm

Proprietor of Uzato's Pekt Tavern, otherwise called Ale Boss Haba. Used to be Uzato's most wild champion. Opened the bar for business subsequent to settling down with Nanaca. A generally excellent cook, his liberal character gets a great deal of clients. Each Forest Keeper and outsider loves to come here to have a beverage and take a hot

Reviews from buyer

I totally love this game!! What's more I even purchased the main episode one. I didn't realize there was one preceding this. I'm new to Steam and games. I cannot hold back to play that one as well as standing by to play a greater amount of the episode two when they have the 8 segment out. This is likewise my first remark on a game! :) It contacted my heart genuinely everything that was composed for us all toward the finish of the game while trusting that segment 8 will be made. I trust you all see this remark the creators of the game. It actually genuinely contacts my heart the sincere directive for us as well as your makers and group and all chipping away at this for us! That is the reason I'm composing this! I'm extremely thankful for all that you all have accomplished for us! I'm sending you all my sincere appreciation and love and much obliged! Keep up the astonishing work you all are doing! I trust through the making for all elaborate that the motivation comes in effectively and easily as well as in stream effectively while making yalls superb work of art of one hella astounding game! Which keeps me stuck to it haha. Furthermore I wish that you all generally get what you all wish and dream for...

Reviews from buyer:

An authoritative improvement from section 1.

While there are a few issues I have with the game to a great extent. The overwhelming majority of it are things connected with the control.

+ On a visual level I feel that the game has worked on a great deal since section 1. Certain regions truly have a few pleasant profundities to them.

+ Battle has worked on a great deal too, while I truly do miss the capacity to shuffle Tubs to a ridiculous degree, I joyfully exchange that for what we got.

Something such is somewhat more profundity to battle, Maybe not comparable to games like Dust: An Elysian tail however I actually track down it


With section 2 comes an expertise list with fundamental abilities and such for both the characters, while nothing muddled is in

it as this is composed it is as yet good to see what you need to anticipate and such.

Highlights like the Flying Ferret assault partially 1 has seen refreshes where you approach pet colleagues in which each

one has there own capacity and abilities that you gain as you level up, causing it to feel a touch more included contrasted with how it

was to some degree 1.

+ The option of more special weapons that can add specific Status illnesses and have more interesting impacts gives me more

of motivation to keep around every weapon rather than simply getting the most grounded conceivable one generally, particularly as now,

every foe have a HP bar that shows what component the foe is frail towards.

- Certain abilities/moves feels a piece disappointing contrasted with the others, for example, Shamas rush assault however ideally things

like that can either be worked out, or I discover I use it in an incorrect manner.

- Greatest issue I have with the game and the main thing that made me irritated is the manner by which it handles association between

NPC/entryways. just honestly, I played this game utilizing a PS4 ace regulator, in which I moved around utilizing the left Analog

stick. I don't think this is to quite a bit of an issue generally, however I can imagine a couple of regions where it very well may baffle.

Each time you stand close to a NPC/entryway/save point you can collaborate with that by squeezing up.

Assuming you do this while one or the other being in battle or plan on utilizing any vertical assault it will focus on that entryway/NPC/. What's more on the off chance that you

do end up remaining close to an entryway, you should stand by two or three seconds as the game burdens in the following region, two times if

you anticipate return to the room you where in already. This gets drawn-out genuine speedy, significantly more so assuming you play with a

stick like me in which its extremely simple to shift it only a tad to much upwards and coincidentally cooperate with anything you occur

to remain close to.

This feels like an issue that could be fixed by essentially having the collaborate button bound to everything except the

up button/bearing.

+ Music is still great, for certain fittingly creepy tracks for specific dim snapshots of the game while the perky and merry

when required.

- Something I didn't see until after I played through the current variant of the game is that there are accomplishments tied

towards you doing each side journey in specific regions prior to continuing in the game, And as it is currently, the game is pretty

much a direct involvement in two or three way of no return brings up that locks you of these side missions. Alright if

you are the sort of individual who needs to replay a game for accomplishments purpose however actually a little issue to me as I

normally need to finish as much in the primary play however of a game, would see the value in some sort of marker over the

NPCs that have side missions for the player.


By and large I would agree that that check this game out assuming you like these kinds of games. The more unrefined pieces of the game can be a justifiable go of to numerous however they are generally short and not many between, except if you count the businesspeople who you meet later right off the bat in the game.

Assuming you consider having Influence 1 preceding this the I would suggest doing as such however just the get up to speed with the story subtleties that happens before this game and perhaps to get some appreciation for the upgrades this game makes. Yet, most game play components of that game don't move to this and you will not be unprepared for what this game offers.

You can buy this game now: Heroine Anthem Zero 2 : Scalescars Oath

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  • Name: Heroine Anthem Zero 2 : Scalescars Oath
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Story,...
  • Developer: WindThunder Studio
  • Publisher: Skywalker HK
  • Release date: 5 Jun 2019

Notice when installing

Game not cr@cked 100% 

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  • OS: Windows 7-11 (32-64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 20 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i5 or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 21 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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