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Download Kena: Bridge of Spirits free full crack PC. You can free download this game cracked in Google drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with the faster link download free only freefull-xyz. About story-driven experience that consolidates investigation and dynamic battle. In the job of Kena, the player finds and fosters a group of cute otherworldly companions known as Rot, upgrading their capacities and establishing better approaches to control the climate.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits free download

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits cracked

download Kena: Bridge of Spirits free

About this game

The Story:

Kena, a youthful Spirit Guide, goes to a neglected town looking for the sacrosanct mountain place of worship. She battles to reveal the privileged insights of this failed to remember local area concealed in a congested woodland where meandering spirits are caught. 

Discover the Rot:

Tentative and illusive spirits dissipated all through the woodland. They keep up with balance by disintegrating dead and decaying components. 


  • Assemble Your Team: Find and gather Rot to acquire incredible capacities, make disclosures, and change the climate. 
  • Investigate: A failed to remember town and an odd revile. Draw on the force of the Spirit Realm to reestablish this once-superb world. 
  • High-speed Combat: Spirits have become bad, caught and unfit to continue on, testing Kena every step of the way.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is definitely not an ideal game using any and all means. The ecological astounding hauls on, getting back to its own stunts very frequently. A portion of the controls are restrictively old. Also, in case you're searching for Ghibli-level motivational stories, you will not discover a lot. Rocks for climbing are stained white, straight out of the Uncharted playbook. What's more, fanatics of Horizon Zero Dawn's toxophilism will be extremely OK with the battle. 

In any case, Kena's solidarity — both quickly clear from the day the game was uncovered and through any superficial check of Ember Lab's set of experiences — is the art of its reality. That stretches out not simply to Kena's person plan, which echoes the absolute best Dreamworks films more than Studio Ghibli's work, yet the movement and movement supporting everything. 

The kind of game you'd find in a shop window, essentially pre-COVID. It is steadily charming, from its Princess Mononoke-style Rot spirits to the manner in which Kena herself streams in battle, the great loyalty of the world's lighting, foliage and town plan, and the reliably wonderful nature of nearly all that you do. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is certifiably not a game made for youngsters. Yet, it has numerous snapshots of honest miracle all through, regardless of whether there are parts where Ember Lab's inability and the regular first-game troubles upset that appeal. 

You play as Kena, a soul guide who is in transit to a close by town. You're not given a huge measure of detail from the off, and your first prologue to the town is through a concealed senior figure, voiced by the excellent Masashi Odate. The mountain and its encompassing woodlands and towns have been ruined all through, with the phantoms of tortured spirits abandoned for a large number of reasons — sadness, a failure to adapt to change, or just declining to acknowledge the situation of progress. You're typically just managing each specific resident's torture in turn, which gives a part like design to Kena's story. 

Kena's own story, maybe fittingly given her vocation as a medium, assumes a lower priority for a strong lump of the game while you settle the townspeople's torture. Her turn is conveyed a lot later, and keeping in mind that it's workable all things considered, it implies you spend basically the initial five or six hours — the greater part of my all out playthrough — avoiding and shooting had bark without having a strong establishing in what precisely carried Kena to this neglected land. 

It's great, then, at that point, that the shooting functions admirably. 

Kena has a somewhat little however adaptable range of abilities. She gets going with fundamental scuffle/substantial assaults and some insignificant help from the Rot, the dissipated timberland spirits who are shockingly convenient by their own doing. Outside of battle, their utility is for the most part around moving substantial articles, pulling switches and by and large after Kena like she's their mom. Yet, in battle, they're fundamental. 

From the outset, the Rot can focus on an adversary animal, viably staggering them for a very long time. You'll consistently outgrow their unit, notwithstanding, to control up a portion of your current assaults to the detriment of a consumable Rot activity. Decay activities are essentially a gamified variant of boldness for the tree spirits: they would prefer not to battle, however in the event that Kena sticks around sufficiently long and gets a lot of hits in, they'll summon up the energy to assist. 

It's very fitting specifically, and later on, you can buy a redesign that guarantees you generally start a fight with no less than one Rot activity. That is likely one of the most fundamental redesigns in the game as well, given the main way you can mend mid-battle is by consuming a Rot activity. Most fights will commonly have one iridescent blue blossom close by; smaller than usual chief and significant supervisor fights frequently have two. 

These don't re-energize in fight, and you can't gather the blossom yourself. It's not typically an issue for most battles, save for one vital battle towards the end against a floating bowman that continually runs out away. (You can slow time at times when utilizing your bow, however it's restricted, and since your Rot meter just re-energizes with each effective hit, it makes for a shockingly tense experience.) Along with the bow you have energy bombs, acquired in capacity and structure practically straight winded of the Wild. There's an energy safeguard that serves as your repel and a scramble after all other options have been exhausted, yet for most of procedures, the standard evade roll is quick enough for most purposes. 

There's a slick stream to the battle, particularly when the bow and bombs are both accessible. The bombs can be set off by shooting them straightforwardly, which accomplishes more harm after a redesign, or distantly by squeezing with Kena's heartbeat capacity (what might be compared to a utilization key, pretty much). 

That adaptability implies you can rapidly label a foe with a close by bomb, yet you have the opportunity to avoid far removed if necessary. In case you're not centered around simply remaining alive, it's an integral asset for clearing garbage beasts or utilizing as a postponed impact to falter 

bigger foes in their assaults. These, incidentally, are terminated when you're peering down the sights of your bow. So you can evade far removed, advise the Rot to stagger an adversary, shoot a bolt at them, dispersing the assault to any remaining enemies nearby, lay a bomb on another enemy, carry far removed, and afterward delayed vacation to a single shot a ran assailant somewhere far off. 

In case I'm being basic, it's that none of this is essentially unique. Yet, it feels pointlessly cruel to apply that standard also rigidly to Kena, a first-time creation from a more modest independent engineer, particularly when such a lot of the games it mirrors were similarly liberal in their motivation. 

What's more significant is whether it works in show, which Kena totally does. 

It likewise helps sharpen in Kena's qualities and where Ember Lab has contributed such a lot of exertion: the livelinesss and the climate. The last is particularly lavish with blues, greens and tans, with an intermittent hotter shadings frequently radiating through in the numerous lamps dispersed all through, the gleaming flimsy spots of adversaries or the mahogany from the debasement all through.

Kena's general loyalty, however, isn't beautiful similarly as something like The Artful Escape. The game's magnificence is regularly stopped slamming by odd graphical errors, either through a strange artifacing sparkle that occasionally shows up on the Rot or Kena herself. Other unfortunate examples consistently elaborate water: you'd have a completely flawless woods climate, just for the layering of the water to be distractingly oversimplified. That is also a tenaciously monstrous marginal that showed up at the edge of any water surface. 

It wouldn't conventionally be important, however that is the disadvantage of multiplying down on the stylish. At the point when pretty much every other surface, surface and character have such smooth developments and pleasingly fresh subtleties, anything that misses the mark stands out. 

That to the side, Ember Lab's expertise in character activity — from miniature developments like the motions and shrugs of the Rot or the apparitions of spirits past to the constantly refined cut scenes — is apparent all through. 

On a utilitarian level, the majority of your time will not be spent in battle. It'll be the bewildering and investigation, not really getting from direct A toward point B however the revelation of gems, stowed away Rot spirits and extra chests dissipated all through. I didn't play Kena with the aim of impeccably clearing the game. However even a standard playthrough will in any case invest a decent lump of energy naturally taking a look at substitute ways, chasing down little shocks. 

It helps me to remember more seasoned PS1 or Nintendo 64-period platformers, games like Spyro The Dragon, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger, or later twists on the 3D platforming, gather athon experiences like Super Lucky's Tale or Yooka-Laylee. Normally investigating the world should be just about as much fun as saving it, and generally, Kena: Bridge of Spirits achieves that. 

A few errors on irritating bouncing riddles acrid pieces of the experience. A portion of the Rot taking care of mechanics could be revised, or as I've effectively contended, upgraded totally. What's more, the second 50% of the game is unnecessarily dependent on having you suspend stages by tossing bombs, shooting gleaming gems to pivot different stages, and afterward doing it all quick enough before they the entire tumble down. It's fine, just that the riddles aren't particularly shrewd and the predictable plan starts to grind whenever you've hit the seventh or eighth hour. 

Yet, this doesn't on a very basic level exclude the Kena: Bridge of Spirits insight. It's precisely soothing and a consistent visual joy, yet ailing in a little aspiration. Furthermore, that commonality isn't without the odd shock. A portion of the manager battles are really engaging, and some very much considered limitation from Ember Lab implies they're not cushioned with over-the-top stages or foul wellbeing bars. The assault designs are altogether moderately comprehensible as well, so you shouldn't stall unendingly out on anyone specific battle save for the last supervisor battle, which is pointlessly parsimonious with wellbeing. 

As a story, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an admonition about melancholy and the harm it can do to ourselves, our friends and family and our general surroundings. It's a message about giving up and regarding the requirement for change, something I'm profoundly quick to see from Ember Lab. Kena shows sufficient guarantee and worship for probably the greatest third-individual games. Yet, what will be really uncommon is the point at which the studio moves past that to make their very own greater amount of character. 

The studio has a bounty of guarantee and ability. The entrancing part is which distributor will channel that first.

You can buy this game now: Kena: Bridge of Spirits

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  • Name: Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  • Genre: AdventureSimulationIndie, Story,...
  • Developer: Ember Lab
  • Publisher: Ember Lab
  • Release date: 21 Sep 2021

Notice when installing

  1. Download
  2. Extract files
  3. Crack if needed
  4. Play this game and enjoy it with freefull-xyz

Configuration required:


  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3-i5 or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 960 (2-4GB) or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 25 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i7 or higher
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1050Ti (4GB) or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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