Mysteries in Poppy Playtime 2

Continuation of the usual part of a game will be responsible for answering questions that came before and left unfinished. Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is also expected by gamers with such a role, it is hoped that it will answer the mysteries that the first part posed. In addition, if the development team at MOB Games has a conscience, maybe they will reveal a few more details about the world in the game.

The more you hope, the more you will be disappointed, disappointment here is not a bad game or inferior to chapter 1. Obviously Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is still an attractive horror game, satisfying basic desires. versions such as: scare, create suspense and headaches with a story with many plot twists. What makes people disappointed here is the number of questions that the game answers too few. Meanwhile, it gives a bunch of questionable data that makes gamers extremely bewildered.

After part 1 ended, people wondered if Huggy was dead, is Poppy good or bad, where is Elliot Ludwig now… By part 2 those questions still have not been satisfactorily answered and the game continues to throw them out. We have a ton of information to find out like why is Kissy so friendly, is that robotic arm from 1006 or what the hell is Playcare in the end. One set of questions is answered by another.

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Maybe with an answer like this, Poppy Playtime could last dozens of chapters longer. So let's take a look at some of the big questions asked by Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 to see what they are all about!

The leadership of Playtime Co. Who are included?

From now on, everyone must have talked about the bad and good of Poppy, so they don't talk about that doll anymore. Today the question is who is the team at Playtime company? Currently, we can see 4 names that have an important influence on the company, but information about them is very little and their positions have just been revealed, and the remaining 2 are still unclear where their positions are. very much.

Although it is not clearly described, it is probably also because of being too engrossed in work that Elliot has an unhappy marriage. This man then suffered the loss of a loved one, but still persevered in his dedication and brought Playtime Co. to success. It's an admirable career, but what he's doing for research is unlikely to be approved by anyone. Elliot is giving the green light to experiments to revive the dead, and it's clearly lousy in many ways.

The second character is Leith Pierre, co-founder of Playtime Co. and is also a close associate of Elliot since the very beginning of the company's establishment. If Elliot is the one to guide the development, then as the head of the creative department, Leith is the character that helps to concretize Elliot's vision. Leith is also the one who records the tape about the security rules that the protagonist hears at the beginning of chapter 1. According to the content of the tape, it seems that he is also managing the security of the factory.

From Leith's tone and way of speaking in the tape, it can be seen that he is a smart man with a lot of confidence in himself. However, if you have talent, you will have a disability. Leith is very afraid of being threatened suddenly or the Vietnamese people call it "suspected". That's why the company printed a lot of posters posted everywhere to warn everyone that "don't hide behind the door and scare Leith Pierre" along with other rules in the workplace.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 also has another VHS tape related to Leith, a blue tape recording a conversation between him and employee Marcas Brickley. Marcas returned to retrieve his forgotten wallet, so he accidentally violated the policy not to stay at the company after 8 pm. At that time he saw a monster in the factory. Leith asked closely if Marcas had misread or told the story to anyone else. After making sure that this was not revealed, Leith immediately reassured that he would extract the inspection camera and coldly chase Marcas out.

In addition to the two big bosses, the Playtime company, of course, has other people on the board. Although they are not mentioned directly, when experiencing Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, if you pay close attention, you will see some information about these characters. It's most obvious when sliding down the hole in the brick floor when Poppy is caught early in the game. After sliding off the tube, if you turn around, you will see on the wall there are 5 doors, 4 of which have a slide with the user's nameplate. These names from left to right are Eddie M.N.R, Leith Pierre, Elliot Ludwig and Stella Greyber, respectively.

The third name we are interested in is Stella Greyber. Almost nothing is clear about this girl. She only appeared in a VHS tape of a job interview and showed great interest in the world of toys. She has a very special imagination and vision for toys, so she seems to have been hired because of this natural talent. It is the content of the interview in the tape that makes it easy for gamers to think that Stella has just been accepted into a trial or at best a lowly soldier. But what is the reality? Go to the area right next to the train, there will be a standee of Kissy Missy but when the button is pressed it is Stella's voice.

This shows that this girl has done voice work for one of the company's featured products. This detail indirectly confirms that Stella was then employed and made important contributions to the final product. Returning to the door with the nameplate, Stella can be seen as one of the important characters of the Playtime company. Not all employees are fitted with a separate slide to go from the office to the Game Station area. Especially, it is also installed next to the two biggest leaders. That's all Stella's information, we have absolutely no idea what Stella was doing or what role she played in the company at the time of the disaster.

The fourth person on the door is said to be Eddie M.N.R or in some places, Eddie Ritterman. This is a character that only appears by name and is not mentioned further under any circumstances. Thus, it can be seen that the following two characters have almost kept their roles secret about the incident that led to the disaster for Playtime Co. Perhaps more information about them will be revealed gradually in the following chapters. We only know they play an important role, because they are the boss and have their own pipes installed to move quickly from the office to the Game Station area. We hate to say this but everything else about Stella and Eddie is still a mystery.

Who is the main antagonist in the game?

Please read carefully, who is the main villain or not, is mistaken for Poppy as a villain or not. This is a question that has caused many gamers to guess from chapter 1. With the information revealed in chapter 2, the confusion only increased, not decreased, and the candidates also changed rapidly. We have Elliot Ludwig when it was he who introduced Poppy and later information revealed that he was behind the experiment to revive the dead. No one wants to resurrect the dead with good results. Not being bad people, in the name of good things they will also make the world worse.

Of course, the fact that Poppy at the end of the game rambles on about fixing the wrong things can be a good salve. Since Elliot is the one who created Poppy, it will inherit his will, if it wants to correct something then… that's fine. Besides, there is no information that Elliot was later directly involved in horrifying experiments on the human body. So in terms of records, he was just a cruel person to rats because he directly ran the experiment to revive dead mice and then failed.

When the plan failed, it did not hide its brutality when killing the unfortunate employee. A villain without fear but a villain with intelligence is as terrible as the Prince of Crime of Gotham or Dr. Doom of Latveria. According to the tape at the end of chapter 1, it seems that after many attempts, it successfully escaped and caused chaos in the research area. In general, 1006 is most suitable for the main villain position so far, but if it's easy to guess, it's not very interesting, maybe MOB Games will let it turn the car at the last minute?

I know it would be boring to talk about Poppy again, but leaving it out of the slot would be too bad. At this point, Poppy seems to be considered "rejected" for the main villain position because it was in the glass cabinet the entire time of the incident. In addition, this item is always talking about finding allies to help fight to restore the factory to the way it was in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. However, it is still possible that Poppy is the ultimate mastermind because it has intelligence. quite well invented, created first and partly inherited the will of the founder Elliot. Not to mention that the case of being locked in the glass case could also have been self-directed if you look at the stowage scene on the train at the end of chapter 2.

Kissy Missy's confusing appearance

Kissy Missy appears in the posters in chapter 1 but is easily overlooked by players as it only acts as a female version of Huggy Wuggy. However, to Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, this pink character actually appeared in a very confusing scene. That's when the player is stuck in a door, Kissy Missy has appeared on the other side where the lever opens. It looks at the player for a moment and then turns to look at the lever. Seems to have understood what happened, it reached out to pull the handle, but it slipped, and it took the second time to pull the joystick. When the door gradually opened, it looked at the player again and then turned its back to the corridor.

This scene makes players really confused because in the previous part was chased by its male version and almost died, why is it so friendly this time? Is Kissy Missy on the same side as Mommy Long Legs? But more importantly who is Kissy Missy? Many players believe that it was Stella Greyber who was used as a test subject and turned into Kissy Missy. There are 2 details to support this. The first is Stella's voice as the standee Kissy Missy at the train station.

At first thought that the producer used the same voice actor for 2 characters. This is common in low-budget projects, but the second detail is clearly intentional. Kissy Missy has pink as the main color. Meanwhile, Stella Greyber's job interview tape is also pink. That may be a small hint of NSX about the relationship between these 2 characters. Not to mention there are a few personality similarities between Stella and Kissy Missy. Although it's not so obvious, you can feel it.

Finally, the strange appearance of Kissy Missy and Poppy's late-game hints about upcoming plans to "fix" the factory could be a warning message that there is still another faction in the group of creatures. toys here. Huggy is cured of it, it has run out of medicine. Mommy has better restraint but she also starts going crazy when the protagonist breaks the rules. But Kissy shows that not all creatures are as hostile and want to destroy players as the will of someone holding the factory boss.

Who is the player? What is the message when respawning?

Analyzing the information provided in the game so far, perhaps one must also feel confused about the character controlled by himself. Who are you? He has no name. What are you doing? I don't know, when I received the tape, I immediately returned to the factory, even though I heard the strong smell of conspiracy. What is your identity? I can't stand it because after two chapters, I haven't seen a mirror in the game that can be used to look at the face to see if the main character is Hyun Bin or Ma Dong-seok. A lot of things are unknown about the former Playtime Co employee.

As initial information, the tape and the letter sent with the message that the employees who disappeared in the past were actually still at the factory the whole time. But in the world of billions of people, who doesn't send it back to the main character? Or does this employee have something special to be called by name? Another puzzling thing is that in the old incident, all the employees disappeared. Where does an ex-employee like this grow? Did he quit his job before the incident happened, so he escaped or did this person escape the incident alone and remain anonymous?

Finally, every time you get a game over, someone's ambiguous sentence rings out and ends with the two words "Get up!!!" (Stand up.) This could be a transition that resets the game, but it could also be a sign that this person has the ability to be immortal. Humans are not immortal, but if this is a toy, everything is very understandable as analyzed in the previous video. Also from this point of view, the most successful toy when possessing consciousness like a human, being called back to the factory to settle old grudges, there is no coincidence here.

If you think this crazy idea lacks ground, let's see something else that makes Moe feel confused too. It was in the tape at the end of chapter 1 about specimen 1006. At the end of the tape, the scientist said a very confusing sentence: “I'm not worried about myself. One breakthrough and I'll be back." (rough translation: I'm not worried about myself. Just a breakthrough I'll be back). According to the common understanding, this man has the ability to come back to life after being killed by the incident at the factory happening behind his back accompanied by screaming while recording the tape.

From this, we can hypothesize that the studies by Playtime Co. has reached the point where a person can be brought back to life after being killed. It also matches the original experiment that Elliot Ludwig pursued with the application of rat carcasses in a solution of poppy flowers. Thus, it is completely reasonable to believe that the main character, a former employee at Playtime Co. may have been the test subject for a successful and resurrected remedy. But for some reason, this young man was fired and left the company before an incident caused everyone to go missing.

The main character tries to forget the past or loses his memories during the time of becoming a test subject, so he still lives normally for all these years. It was only when some "dark force" or "honest alliance" felt it was time to take it a step further, so he sent the tape with a memory stimulating letter that forced him to return to Playtime. to find answers to all questions. That's when it all started and that pile of questions has remained unanswered and even tended to expand with a whole new set of questions.

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