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Not Tonight 2 free download

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Not Tonight 2 free full

Not Tonight 2 free crack

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Migration Enforcement Case 112: You will now be taken to jail. Except if your companions can cross a messed up America, recover your recognizing records and avoid inconvenience... this is the finish of the American dream for you.

In an option broken America, where free enterprise and political eagerness have become the dominant focal point, your companion has disappeared. Grabbed during a dissent, Eduardo Suarez has been seized by the specialists, and presently sits prepared for handling in the Miami gulag.

Not Tonight 2 is an American archive checking excursion, intertwining a period pressure RPG with a politically charged, dull satire where each choice matters. Will Eduardo's companions Malik, Kevin and Mari figure out how to find and convey his reports to Miami on schedule, or is this the finish of the American dream?


Three convincing stories, composed by a group of assorted creators

Advance across America, settling on frightening choices en route

Work the entryways of clubs, holy places, race tracks, gambling clubs, and factions

Actually look at IDS, while finishing an assortment of senseless, strong minigames


Mood games, wizard shooting, serving poutine, evaluating religion, really looking at chickens, and the sky is the limit from there

Reviews from buyer


Just completed my first full playthrough, with some re-stacking yet tolerating defective plays. A straight playthrough with next to no reloading or passings would likely require around 5 hours.

Generally speaking, a genuine continuation of Not Tonight (and Papers, Please). There is more variety in the little games contrasted with the first, which got a piece exasperating as they kept adding more things to check and so forth This time, every area has various scaled down games/prerequisites, so regardless of whether you disdain one of them (taking a gander at you, Montana), it's just two or three rounds.

The save style takes into consideration simple re-loadability, and it was sufficiently fun to consider replaying from the start at hard trouble. I missed the console work augmentations from Not Tonight 1.

Don't know about the great completion, actually appears to be an oppressed world to me... makes me keep thinking about whether there's a secret consummation.

Also what self-regarding Canadian could eat poutine with green sauce?


The craftsmanship, and character/area configuration is all first class, and keeping in mind that it's a fascinating turn on the Papers Please recipe, the experience is hosed by unfortunate controls and plan decisions.I would incidentally have click gives that would set me back. The radio where you get data regarding how you're doing is horrible, as the message bubbles are tremendous and regularly cover data you really want to peruse, or fastens you really want to push, you can move the radio, yet a portion of the sheets get muddled sufficient that there's awful spot, other than pushing it to the highest point of the screen where you can presently not read the messages by any means.

The MapO missions are additionally frustratingly dubious, I wound up with so many B grades due to 'gotchas' on the journeys, for example there's a mission called 'Robert-no?' which suggests you ought to deny a person named Roberto, however shock, you should allow him to pass to finish that. I feel like the ambiguity was placed in there to urge replays to get all the A grades, however I couldn't force myself to finish the initial play through, I surrendered partially through the third demonstration. Snatch it on unique.


I have a great deal to say regarding this game, such a lot of that it's hard to coordinate my musings, so I'll start with the more essential stuff and move into the more convoluted studies I have. This survey will contain spoilers for the game, as I'm breaking down the topics of the game; TL;DR I truly suggest this game yet I have notes for the designers and journalists!

Ongoing interaction: A basic deviation from the Papers, Please recipe that underscores speed over multifaceted testing with direct "travel" sections between them. As one of the three of our Millennial principle characters (Kevin, Malik, and Mari) you're intended to take ricocheting gigs through a gig economy-style application to bring in sufficient cash to traverse the broke provinces of America to gather records to save your companion and confidant, Eduardo. It's amazing the way that well the designers figured out how to shoehorn the Papers, Please recipe of ongoing interaction into a wide set-up of various regions: tossing in chickens relying upon their age and chemical prerequisites, doing detail based RNG fights with robots between allowing in real clients, playing a hello lo game with possible participants to a gambling club, it's all truly propelled. My greatest analysis is the absence of room on the record handling screen at the base, which can prompt some irritating mess, and the RNG parts of a portion of the gigs mean you're not altogether in charge of how well you'll do, yet generally speaking, this stuff is incredible. In the mean time, the blended driving/discussion portions come up short on assortment in how to move toward an issue, in any case it's adequately strong to support the topics of the game that I wouldn't fret.

Style/Music: I LOVE the look and feel of this game. It utilizes a similar pixel workmanship style of Papers, Please, while adding a tomfoolery, brilliant, and energetic bend to it, regardless of whether the areas the characters are set in are sullen (transforming the conditioning office into a strict amusement park is really smart). The music utilizes an assortment of current EDM, reggaeton, hip-jump, and R&B, which is likely more reasonable for a game in a real sense occurring in imaginary world 2022. Whenever the soundtrack comes out, I'm certainly looking at it on Spotify or YouTube Music.

Story/Themes: Okay, this game gets a ton of things right and a couple of minor things wrong. America is split between two groups along the North and South (basically the Mason-Dixon line of the Civil War) with two groups: the Alliance (legitimate dissidents, inclusivity without equity) and the Martyrs (dictator traditionalists, nationalistic and obstinate). The game investigates the two groups, with the Alliance being too centered around compromise and mutual respect governmental issues to zero in on the danger of insurgence by means of liberal majority rules system, and the Martyrs employing their ability to quietness disagree and prompt smugness. As a study of American legislative issues in 2022, I think this specific partitioning line is exceptionally powerful. In any case, (and this is the place where my analysis comes in), the CEO of MapO, a tech organization that gives you reward drops for finishing missions en route, ascends in the great consummation of assist with rejoining America in a technocratic realities and-rationale solidarity. The game is joking with regards to this being a "great" finishing, yet I would figure given the other moderate informing in the game that you would have the option to evade this end with the expectations of starting a more moderate, radical development. How this is a piece of the great closure is challenging for me to handle and ended up leaving an unpleasant desire for my mouth, yet I'm accepting that it's for engaging the broadest crowd conceivable, your Twitter radical gamers and your Elon Musk stan gamers.

Eventually, I'd give this game a 8/10. On the off chance that you loved Papers, Please, political critique included, you will live it up ricocheting individuals in Not Tonight 2.


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  • Name: Not Tonight 2
  • Genre: Adventure, RPGSimulation, Story,...
  • Developer: No More Robots
  • Publisher: No More Robots
  • Release date: 11 Feb 2022

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  • OS: Windows 7-11 (32-64 bit)
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  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:0GB
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 3 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i5 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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