How to play game Coop Multiplayer with Only 1 controller keyboard

Solution play game 1 controller keyboard 

How to play game 1 controller keyboard

Surely there are friends who want to play games with siblings in the house, or have friends to play with, even if they play together through Steam Remote Play Together. Hell, some games you want to play again require a controller to play multiplayer on one machine?

This is a solution good for gamers. It's like you say you buy a computer to study or work, but if anyone buys a controller, it's probably just to play games (in general). For this reason, a large portion of us do not own a controller. So to solve this problem, I would like to introduce you to Keyboard Splitter Xbox - controller emulator software.

Keyboard Splitter Xbox is an open source project on Github compiled and implemented by djlastnight. It allows emulation of up to 4 controllers, up to 10 keyboard inputs can be used (each input from separate keyboards). Besides Keyboard Splitter Xbox, there are many other,...

Main feature

Link download add another control

If you download the game on freefull-xyz, you don't need to download it anymore

Link download Handheld emulator software: Keyboard splitter

How to Keyboard splitter?

Step1: Download and install the necessary software mentioned in the Download tab

Step2: First you download KeyboardSplitterXbox to your computer, extract and run KeyboardSplitter.exe

Step3: Select Yes to proceed with the automatic installation and update of drivers.

Step4: Run KeyboardSplitter.exe

Step5: Setup it and click Start

Video guide how to play games only 1 control


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