Fix the error that the RAR file could not be decompressed in 4 simple ways

With the WinRAR file format, you can save disk space, transfer files easily over the internet, and even secure your data. However, a lot of users face big problem when they can't extract their WinRAR file.

The error cannot decompress the RAR file is a common error for computer users, the inability to decompress the file has many reasons, one of the main reasons is that the compressed file content is incomplete. tweak, or the extracted WinRAR version is too old… The fix is ​​also quite simple, the following article will help you fix it easily.

1. Update new WinRAR version

This is considered the simplest and most effective method to fix decompression problems. First, go to WinRAR's website and download the latest version to your computer (Choose a 32 or 64bit version of Windows to suit your computer), and install it on your computer. . Then proceed to compress the file.

2. Repair the compressed file

Repair the compressed file fix RAR file

If method 1 does not help you fix the error, it is most likely because the document file is corrupted. A feature in WinRAR will help you recover corrupted compressed files. This feature is compared to be similar to Repair Windows. To fix the error, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Start button, then enter the search box with the keyword WinRAR. Then open the WinRAR software downloaded from the installation directory.

Step 2: Next, click File, select Open archive, then select the compressed file that is failing to decompress the rar file.

Step 3: Now in the Menu bar you find Tool, click on it and select the Repair archives function.

Step 4: Click Browse, choose where to save the compressed file after the editing program is complete.

3. Use the Keep broken files feature

Use the Keep broken files feature fix RAR file

A big disadvantage of WinRAR software is that just 1 file is corrupted, the decompression process will stop and you will not get results. However, the "Keep broken files" feature will remove corrupted files from the decompression process, you can apply it to compressed files in the form of documents, images, movies ....

This feature will become useless if the compressed files contain the installer because if it is an installation program without the file, it will not work, or if it works, it will be unstable.

Keep Broken Files

To do this, right-click on the corrupted compressed file, then select Extract files, a new window will appear, here, check the option Keep broken files and then choose where to save the following file. when decompressing is done.

4. Using software

Currently, there are many software to help you fix file errors when decompressing, you can learn some software such as Recovery Toolbox for Rar or Yodot RAR Repair… These softwares are very easy to use, just install install the software, then select the corrupted compressed file, the rest is just waiting for the software to scan for problems and fix errors for you.