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Panzer Paladin free download

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Panzer Paladin free full

Panzer Paladin free crack

About this game

Seeing goliath blades bursting during that time sky may be hair-raising, however hold fast! The evil Ravenous and his armies of ruthless devils are ready for the fight to come. Indeed, even every one of the militaries of the world can't stop them, however humankind has one last secret weapon: state of the art power protection called Paladin.

It's currently up to a solid willed android named Flame to turn into a Squire, pilot the Paladin and find all Weapon Keepers and their malicious chief. The standoff between humanity's mechanical ability and the strong powers of the mysterious has started!

Hold onto weapons from the inhabitants of the Netherworld and provide them with a painful but necessary consequence! Show them the force of state of the art innovation intertwined with mind blowing swordplay. Slice, slam and push your direction through a progression of awesome levels all over the planet, every last bit of it delivered in wonderful 8-bit designs! Jump in your Paladin and wage war!

A drawing in activity platformer with fun and instinctive swordplay!

Assume command over Grit, the strong Paladin power covering, or launch and play as Flame, the little yet quick Squire pilot!

Robots meet evil spirits! Pulverize the powers of the mysterious with the force of state of the art innovation!

North of 100 scuffle weapons to seize from foes!

Manufacture your own custom scuffle weapons with the Blacksmith and track down them on the Panzer Paladin Steam Workshop.

Use weapons abundantly: employ, toss, or break them!

Snap a weapon in half to project a strong spell!

Slice, slam and push your direction through 17 amazing levels situated all over the planet!

Painstakingly created 8-cycle illustrations, very much like you recall them!


This free satisfied update incorporates the accompanying new elements:

New Challenge Mode with 11 rooms to genuinely test your abilities

Speedrun replay and leaderboard now accessible for every new room

Shiny new Classic 8-cycle Soundtrack choice

Metal forger weapons capacity expanded

Game play:

Panzer Paladin is an activity platformer game including instinctive swordplay mechanics. The hero pilots the Paladin power defensive layer to battle goliath evil presences by utilizing their own weapons against them.

Swordplay is the center of the game mechanics in Panzer Paladin. The player can prepare and utilize any weapon dropped by crushed adversaries, assault or square, reach skyward or low, use weapons beneficially through a stone paper-scissors style weapon type framework, and cast spells by breaking weapons. Weapons have large amounts of levels, so the player is urged to utilize them lavishly. The Paladin is the primary method for battling adversaries, however players can likewise discharge and control Flame, the little yet quick Squire pilot. Fire utilizes a laser whip to go after adversaries, swing across holes, and even re-energize the Paladin's energy.

Story this game:

Goliath weapons - swords, spears, hammers - hailing from the dim profundities of room, bursted across the sky and pierced their direction through notable areas from one side of the planet to the other. As an announcement of battle against humanity, the Parthenon, on the Acropolis of Athens, was first to be sliced through by a dismal edge. Upon sway, every one of the weapons opened a break in the texture of the real world and released armies of goliath devils.

Fully expecting such unexpected Earth-compromising occasions, the International Security Council shaped Gauntlet, a science board of trustees growing super-refined protection advances. Glove finds that occupants of the Netherworld must be crushed by their own weapons. Soul Weapons are produced with spirits of the expired and people can't wave them without becoming adulterated by their foul energy... Be that as it may, a machine would be invulnerable to devilish defilement! Glove recommissions Flame, a previous salvage activities android, to turn into a Squire. She assumes command over Grit, the final Paladin unit - a best in class suit of force defensive layer equipped for using Spirit Weapons.

To arms! Administering tasks from on board the Avalon, their flying base camp, Gauntlet is prepared. The standoff between humanity's mechanical ability and the strong powers of the mysterious has started! It really depends on Flame and Grit to overcome the Weapon Keepers, and eventually go head to head against Ravenous, the evil head of the attack.

Reviews from buyer

Truly fun game that I think a great deal of the negative surveys overlook what's really important of this altogether. I won't compose a survey till I saw individuals pummeling mechanics that even I'm getting a handle on and I'm idiotic and I've just got 2 hours in it.

The game is tied in with adjusting your weapons.

Every weapon has advantages to utilizing, some have longer reach, more harm and an ability in the event that you break it.

Audits say it's BS that you toss a weapon and it breaks, what they appear to be missing is this assault enhances the weapon's harm enormously when tossed.

OK, say your weapon has 1 swing left in it, you can toss it and receive perhaps 8x or more harm in return rather than one swing. Every weapon's toss harm is unique and can destroy little foes or cause strong harm to a chief.

"The designated spots take a weapon penance however offer no prize" You don't get the mechanics of the game by any means assuming this is your grumbling.

Once more, every weapon has an expertise on the off chance that you break the weapon, they can recuperate you, buff your assault/def, increment the toughness of any weapon drawn for some time and AFTER the level is done you can forfeit weapons in a lab to build your mech's HP. Along these lines, you need to glance through your stuff and see which one you're willing to leave behind so you can have a designated spot, importance you're either passing up focuses for a maximum HP overhaul or a decent weapon in battle that could have a decent ability. You need to pick what you need.

Weapon penance is ENCOURAGED to a point. Have an excessive number of weapons and you need to battle a smaller than expected manager in the stage-however on the off chance that you beat him you can get a truly strong weapon EVERY, TIME. A weapon you might plan and modify the details of.

I disliking the mechanics and wanting a more straightforward interactivity, yet individuals grumbling about the mechanics and saying they have neither rhyme nor reason either played 1 level and saw no point in attempting to get a handle on it further or just had no interest.

Also, in the event that you could do without social affair weapons in stages as you go to assemble weapons? Replay an old/simple level, assemble weapons and penance them to buff your HP a bundle. Which you don't actually have to do. HP recharging weapons are genuinely ample, you can convey them among levels and there's additionally mending stations.

It's less about the weapon being utilized and more about the expertise. Go through a weapon with toughness, quarrel till it's over to break-break it before it does to buff the following weapon with more harm and just a tad with undeniably greater sturdiness.

I'm not actually into accuracy platformers and this one is somewhat that (no divider hopping, running, tight leaps) however there's some portability choices that make it more diversion for myself and, the best part-you don't have Castlevania knockback. Getting hit won't send you 10 feet into a pit. You scarcely move. Presently on the off chance that you get hit OVER a pit, you fall straight down.

Fundamentally: I like Mega Man X more than Mega Man exemplary.

It's adjusted Blaster Master's capacity to escape your vehicle and go around as the pilot. Yet, with a touch to a greater degree a solid person with a more grounded weapon.


There are some stretches without a designated spot and one level had a great deal of pits that was baffling while I was attempting to get familiar with the game.

It's reasonable there's a ton of heart and exertion in the game, I think the sturdiness functions admirably in this game and truly drives you to utilize you to think on the weapon you battle with, utilize the ability of and penance.

I suggest it even with my lack of engagement in accuracy platformers.

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  • Name: Panzer Paladin
  • Genre: AdventureIndieRPG, Story,...
  • Developer: Andrew Shouldice
  • Publisher: Finji
  • Release date: 17 Mar 2022

Notice when installing

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  2. Extract files
  3. Crack if need
  4. Open it and play this game with freefull-xyz

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Configuration required:


  • OS: Windows 7-11 (32-64 bit)
  • Processor: Family
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 350 M
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 500 MB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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