Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: A Guide to Collecting Statues

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Fly in a Web there are new collections for users to search and collect. This second has its own areas in the Inventory tab. In this latest installment of Poppy Playtime, there will be a total of 9 statues for users to find, hidden in the Game Station. In this article, learn how to collect all 9 Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 figurines horror game.

Instructions for collecting statues in game Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Statue 1: Daisy in Elliot Ludwing's office

The first statue everyone will encounter in the game is of Daisy. The player can find Daisy sitting on a desk in Elliot Ludwig's office. It's right outside and very easy to find. Simply grab the statue with your hand or walk up to the statue and interact with it to add it to your inventory.

Statue 2: Train in the Playground in Game Station

Inside Game Station, gamers can go to the playground on the left when facing the train station. Find a slide with a yellow roof. Inside that pipe, people will find the train statue.

Note: It can be obtained anytime the player is in the Game Station.

Statue 3: The Green Hand in the Molding Room

The next statue that gamers can collect is the Green Hand statue. This statue is located inside the Molding Room. In this room there is a large square machine with several hands inside. At the top of the machine is a statue of a Green Hand. The player can get it from the ground or go up the stairs and get it from above.

Statue 4: Bunzo in the Stock Room

After completing the Musical Memory room, the player enters through a vent that leads to the StoreRoom. Inside this room, everyone has to solve a puzzle using a crane. Along the path of the crane, gamers will find Bunzo above several boxes. Place the crane on the statue and then power it on with the Green Hand. The crane will pick up the statue, so move the crane and it will drop down for everyone to collect.

Statue 5: Kissy Missy on Broken Stair

After defeating the Wack-a-Huggy minigame, the player will go down a corridor that leads to a room with a broken multicolored staircase in it. Go up the stairs as far as you can until you reach the ceiling. Head downstairs and the Kissy Missy statue will be about halfway there.

Statue 6: PJ Pugapillar in Hard Slide Choice

Continue the game until you reach the Stop/Go section. In this section, select the Hard Slide option. Near the end of the slide, the player will find a statue of PJ Pugapillar to his left.

Statue 7: Barry at C2 of Water Treatment

Go to the room called C2 of Water Treatment, where gamers need to get a cup of Bunzo Bunny. Then, take the elevator to the top floor of the room. At the top, look for a red carousel and above it is Barry. Grab it by hand to add Barry to your collection.

Statue 8: Mommy Long Legs in the Vent

Important: This statue is easy to miss. Be ready to embrace it when the right time comes.

This is the most easily overlooked statue because there is so little time to make. While being chased by Mommy Long Legs after it tells everyone to start hide and seek, pull a red rod that starts the carousel the character walks on. At the end of the carousel, the character will be dropped into the hole, where the statue of Mommy Long Legs is.

Statue 9: Claw Across from Train Control Building

The last statue can be found at the end of the game. After defeating Mommy Long Legs, gamers will be above the Game Station. At this location, the player will find a building. Opposite this building, on the rafters, will be the statue of Claw Across.


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