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Sucker for Love: First Date free download

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Sucker for Love: First Date free full

Sucker for Love: First Date free crack

About this game

 Fixated on mysterious customs, you have at long last acquired the last thing you want to call the eldritch repulsiveness that has been tormenting your fantasies; an abnormal, brilliant pink Necronomicon. You play out the main custom that doesn't have all the earmarks of being crazy ramblings, and accidentally call Ln'eta, an adorable cthulhu-like young lady. She consents to a kiss, depending on the prerequisite that you play out a couple of customs from the book for her first. Glancing back at the Necronomicon… each of different pages out of nowhere seem OK?

Three sections of snickers, shouts, and tears, across the board thick bundle!

Each choice you cause will to essentially influence ongoing interaction and figure out which finishing you show up at!

Vivid rethinking of the visual novel type stacked with ongoing interaction!

"Three" "completely voiced" "dateable" "young ladies"

An up-to-date creative/melodic course suggestive of old-school anime and dating sims!

No frightfulness components or peril at all


Lovecraft's work is something that games have scandalously misunderstood, be it something shocking like misunderstanding the actual tales or something little like not exactly nailing the tone. The extraordinary thing about existential loathsomeness is assuming that you make it sufficiently ludicrous, anything can work. Sucker For Love: First Date works way better compared to it has any privilege to.

To lay it out plainly, Sucker for Love: First Date is a sarcastic interpretation of the visual novel kind with a Lovecraftian turn. It doesn't feel right calling it a spoof of the class - it has excessively much heart for that. I think tribute is perhaps the best word here. It opens with a debilitated sweet fundamental menu and shading plan that is immediately adulterated by the story.

I could see its jolting tone switches and once in a while rather odd discounting putting numerous players, however I thought that it is unbelievably beguiling. One of those games might leave you scratching your head, yet you're not astounded to contemplate days subsequent to wrapping up. This is just made more fascinating as the game keeps on opening up, allowing you to vow yourself to contending divine beings. Taking from an old figure of speech, you can endeavor to sentiment both of them simultaneously yet the results of deceiving a divine being are really ruthless.

Strangely, Sucker for Love: First Date really feels like somewhat of an open passage into a portion of the critical topics of Lovecraft. In spite of their cutesiness, the focal divine beings don't actually think often about existence, considering it to be more a theoretical congruity. They apply their will, revering the decay of life - not in an awful malignant manner, all the more so an acknowledgment of the manner in which their life is. Regardless of the amount you give yourself to them, your reality seldom considers you deserving of in excess of a passing idea. For people, not caring is maybe the most terrifying thing a divine being can do.

Eventually, I would very much like Sucker for Love to come to the second or third date. It truly nails its tone and composing, being similarly however terrible as it very well might be beguiling, yet the little extent of the game leaves me needing a great deal more.

Fortunately, your eldritch senpai sees you, similarly as arranged. Doing as such requires unsalvageably transforming your body, moving reality and obliterating the exceptionally world. Clearly, to our fundamental person, it's all worth the effort for a kiss. Rather than mixing the repulsiveness and sentiment, the composing is considerably more enamored with quickly moving between the two - something that attempts to shifting degrees.

This at times prompts some really odd pacing. With just a modest bunch of customs to finish each act, the game can feel a little shallower than the waters Ln'eta looks agreeable in. This is to say that the characters could profit from a greater setting and more complicated customs. For the most part, you need to wear some outfit, set the temperament, and drift over the right words to progress onto the following stage. Maybe somewhat more opportunity than the issue bounds of the fundamental person's loft could have truly tied this bundle up.

The pacing isn't the main issue I ran into with Sucker for Love. There are a reiteration of little specialized issues, with things not preparing, menus disappearing, and acts working out of request. This being said, the game appears as though it is as yet being chipped away at, so I have some confidence it can make a circle back, and the vigorous burden framework permits you to get from practically any spot in the moderately brief tales.

Outwardly, it's intriguing and figures out how to cause its craft style cutesy enough to feel like a genuinely visual novel, yet creepy enough to satisfy my inward frightfulness fan. The equivalent can be said for the music. It plays into more nonexclusive visual novel styles to make sure it can cut you in the heart at the right second. As it were, the game's stylish resembles Ln'eta herself - adorable and beguiling with the capacity to bring out something horrendous when it needs to.


Mind boggling game, let me give you more cash! I would call this Dating Sim+, such an extraordinary harmony between fun, cheerful dating sim and eldritch awfulness. You some way or another expected each joke I would make about it and just made it a silly amazing time! 10/10, want to fail to remember it so I could play it again with open-minded perspectives!


How much desire in a solitary game is nearly marvelous, not exclusively is the primary person a gigachad who simply needs to kiss a few hot divine beings, he's a gigachad that forfeits his reality and life to receive a wet one consequently. At no point ever did I think I'd need to see tig bitty eldritch darlings, yet something I really wanted. The blend of humor for certain enchanting connections truly made this game so agreeable. Ideally they anticipate a part 4 so I can establish a fat wet kiss on the huge manager woman in control.


this game is so great and it never misfortunes heart or its idea in the narrating. It humorous since as i'm playing the game it says precisely as i'm suspecting in the event that not it says it even better.this game has such great composition thus much appeal and i'm dissolving over the amount I love this game and, surprisingly, in its present structure it merits the 10$ and i'm certain there is something else to be added or one more game to be made and cant hang tight for new substance. (I likewise did a run with 6 of my companions watching and they adored it also)


Totally astounding game! would enthusiastically prescribe to anybody searching for an awfulness/satire blend of a peculiar sentiment game. the soundtrack, visuals, game play, and, hell, even the voice acting are on the whole so unbelievably all around good done! 1000/10 incredible game!


Disregard the images. Disregard the weak "I got to kiss appendage woman 10/10" surveys. Disregard your assumptions for flinch. THIS IS UNIRONICALLY A GOOD GAME. I by and large think that excessively unexpected humor has been done to death and I normally pass on games like this by in light of the fact that I view their contrivances as exhausting, yet this game was an unexpected, yet wonderful treat. It spoofs dating sims, human instinct, and Lovecraftian components while additionally some way or another doing them all equity? Goodness, and it's laugh uncontrollably entertaining. I'm not a weeb and I view a great deal of anime sayings as sort of unsavory yet the hero is demonstrated to be incredibly agreeable and fun. It likewise has a superior comprehension of what makes Lovecraftian components great than some other videogame I am aware of and adds a ton of character to in any case nondescript divine beings. It's short yet I would in any case enthusiastically suggest!

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  • Name: Sucker for Love: First Date
  • Genre:AdventureIndie, Story, Anime...
  • Developer: DreadXP
  • Publisher: Akabaka
  • Release date: 20 Jan 2022

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  • Graphics: no need
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  • Storage: 1 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i5 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1.2 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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