Top 5 free steam games worth playing in 2022

As you know, Steam is the ultimate source of games or computer games for many people. The constant stream of new games makes it a great archive for entertainment enthusiasts looking for a wide variety of video games. Steam also has a great selection of free games that you can play without costing a dime.

Top1: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

First of all, we can't help but forget this game, CS: GO was released in 2012. Is one of the top FPS games in the world until now. Currently this fps game in Vietnam is very popular. The game CS:GO is quite popular so there will be many people using cheats, I recommend you to buy this fps game.

Years later, PC gaming is still largely opposed to more modern titles, in part because of its established core gameplay and active community.

Visually, however, CS:GO is starting to show its age, and it's not as rich in themes as popular titles like Overwatch. However, many players will enjoy the no-frills experience of CS:GO and the highly competitive eSports scene.

Top2: Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the great exclusive MOBA titles on the Steam platform. The game pits two teams of 5vs5 against each other to destroy the opposing team's base. Dota2's design graphics are outstandingly sharp, so it will be heavier than other MOBA games.

The Dota 2 game system requires complex training, so you'll have plenty of content to explore. All heroes are available from the start, so you can keep coins in your wallet unless you really want to give your character a new look.

Top3: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is the oldest fps title of all the team-oriented, class-oriented shooters that remains one of the most popular games on Steam.

Although its formula has been adopted and expanded by games over the years, the classic gameplay is still very enjoyable and the game receives a lot of support thanks to its large community. With nine unique classes, a wide selection of game modes, and an active community, there's never a time to go wrong with Team Fortress

Top4: Unturned

Unturned game with a graphic design style similar to Roblox, similar to the spirit of the survival games DayZ, Rust and similar titles. However, if you can get past the exact image in the title, you'll find an intense and amazing survival game in which you can scavenge for ingredients while hordes of zombies swarm around the area. certain area.

Multiplayer mode lets you try to survive with a friend or fight for supplies in last person mode.

Top5: Smite

The game SMITE is a third-person MOBA game that pits gods from dozens of gods against each other in close combat between two teams.

Smite's unique camera angle alone is enough to set itself apart from other MOBAs, and developer Hi-Rez didn't stop there. Every map is polished, every god looks and sounds great, and the special Match of the Day modes offer a lot of variety. Some late game balance issues aside, Smite's execution of divinely innovative ideas makes it a worthy contender.


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