Top 9 survival games for weak PC or low configuration

Now you can completely experience the smooth feeling of attractive games of the survival genre. In this article, let's go through a list of light survival games that any PC or laptop can play!

1. Don’t Starve Together

Inheriting the success of its predecessor Don't Starve, Don't Starve Together is an expanded version that allows players to participate in survival challenges with their friends. Follow Wilson, a young scientist who is accidentally drawn into a dark world, where there are demons just waiting to be eaten alive and a madman with ambitions to manipulate his mind.

Traveling in an open world with unique 3D graphics, players will have to try to find resources to feed themselves, ensuring stable 3 indicators are Health, Psychology and Hunger. Besides, Wilson and his friends also have to find a way to defeat monsters of different sizes, the gameplay is also more diverse from there.

You can: Download Don't Starve Together free


As a third-person survival adventure game, players will follow an astronaut on a journey to explore and exploit different planets. In a colorful 3D open world, players will be free to explore and create as they like to craft weapons, items and buSild different research structures.

ASTRONEER belongs to the sandbox genre, meaning gamers can freely choose their gameplay, promoting creativity to the highest level. Throughout the research journey, astronauts will experience different wonderful lands, from high mountains, forests to caves deep underground.

You can: Download ASTRONEER free

3. Terraria

Terraria is an open-world survival game with unique 2D Sprite graphics. Accordingly, players will start with a few basic tools, have to discover and craft to strengthen their skills and weapons. During the price examination, gamers will have to face countless monsters with different difficulty levels. The way of fighting is also extremely diverse when you can use swords, bows, guns and many other weapons.

Despite having simple graphics, Terraria possesses extremely rich gameplay when it allows players to freely explore through planting bombs, hoeing, mining ores, or even swimming to collect items. The special feature of Terraria is that each journey is a different experience, because the game will randomly create a new land as soon as the player passes a gate.

4. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a survival horror game that puts players in a post-apocalyptic fiction when most of the people have become zombies and you will have to survive as long as possible, prolonging the time for death. "inevitable". In order to survive, players will have to find essentials to maintain health, hunger, fatigue, and mental health indicators as well as minimize pain.

Project Zomboid allows players to challenge themselves with two modes of Survival mode and Sandbox. In Survival mode, you will "get" to randomly appear and survive with zombies with default difficulty, although there will be certain zombies that run faster and harder than usual. In the Sandbox, players will be able to customize the difficulty of the game, from where to appear, how many zombies and how fast and "buffalo" the zombies attack them. When you defeat an army of the undead, you will receive bonuses, which can be used to upgrade your weapons and ammunition.

You can: Download Project Zomboid free

5. The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a first-person survival adventure game where the player plays a pilot trying to survive the harsh cold in the dangerous Canadian wilderness after a crash. aircraft due to electromagnetic storms. With the kerosene lamp as the only light source, players will have to collect items to maintain physical and mental health, from keeping warm, hunting or even building shelter from enemies. lurking predators.

Developed with unique 3D graphics, The Long Dark not only makes players "half-dead" by wolves but also allows them to experience the grandeur of nature in a cold climate. In addition, The Long Dark also allows players to try their hand at Story mode including 5 separate episodes about the harsh journey; Volumes 4 and 5 are still in development.

You can: Download The Long Dark free

6. RimWorld

Receiving countless positive reviews from critics, RimWorld is a game in the genre of survival, construction simulation and management of buildings and human resources. In the game, players will be placed in the context of being trapped in a world located at the edge of space, where they are forced to build bases and weapons to fight off enemies from this planet.

Accordingly, the people in RimWorld act as "hard workers" with the task of mining, building bases, raising cattle and trees for food. Each character will possess a different personality and skills that make them suitable for only one specialized job. From a barren land, players will build a comfortable base with full equipment and a hospital to defend against aliens and other community invasions. RimWorld will end when all the people have fallen or at least one character in the crew has boarded the spaceship and escaped the planet.

You can: Download RimWorld free

7. Oxygen Not Included

Waking up on a fictional asteroid, 3 scientists find air bags floating in the air that they are wearing themselves. Not remembering why they came here, the 3 individuals were forced to find a way to survive and build a stable space colony to help them live safely.

The special feature of Oxygen Not Included lies in the way it is played when gamers do not directly control any character, but instead give advice and a list of tasks that they need to do. To be able to build a complete base, in addition to maintaining a stable health, scientists also have to find and create more weapons, grow food, and recruit human resources from other areas. parallel with the development of advanced science and technology.

Above is a summary of the best survival games for weak, low-configuration PCs. The names on the list all have creative gameplay and difficult challenges for gamers. As a follower of the survival adventure game series, try these games right away. Wish you have moments of comfortable gaming!

Link: Download Oxygen Not Included free

8. Darkwood

With a top-down perspective, Darkwood's setting is set somewhere in Finland, in the 80s of the last century. During that period, many people went missing in a mysterious dark forest, and rumors about a group of people constantly capturing and killing those who set foot in the forest, turning them into polar creatures. dangerous period. The government formed a group called "Outsider", consisting of rulers and soldiers to research, build houses and tunnel systems through the forest. By the time the game begins, most of the Outsider members have been killed or "transformed", and you - the last survivor - must find the key to the underground to get out of the forest.

In Darkwood, players will have to make an effort to survive in the interwoven day - night mechanism. When it is morning, you will have to take advantage to move, find materials to build and strengthen the base. At night, with weapons in hand, gamers will have to struggle to withstand and survive the murderous "intruders". If the player survives, the player will receive more reputation - which will help them exchange for more "genuine" items later.

Link: Download Darkwood free

9. Raft

You appear in the game and find yourself on a raft floating in the ocean, that is Raft. At the beginning of the game, you only have 1 hook and your task is to quickly pick up materials drifting on the sea surface to make tools, build boats and get food so that you don't starve. . It can be said that this game gives us a feeling of peace because the crisis is quite bright, but it is not absolutely safe. The sharks are always trying to destroy your works at any time, be alert. Raft also requires a configuration that is not too high but will be the highest on this list, you need at least 4Gb Ram, core i3 chip and discrete VGA GTX 500 series card, anyway this is a pretty low configuration.

Link: Download Raft free

10. Other types of survival games

Survival game is a type of action role-playing video game on phone or PC, Laptop. Survival game is set in an open environment and has many fierce enemies. To be able to win the picker must start with minimal equipment and is required to be able to fight and survive as long as possible. In the process of playing you will have to equip more weapons or make weapons, find hidden and collect resources, ... to role-play survival.

Summary of good survival games for PC, constantly updated. Completely free to download, 100% tested. Follow or save this page so you don't miss the latest games of the genre.

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