Top the most downloaded games on May 2022

Steam has always been a "treasure" filled with great games from a variety of genres. Do you want to become a cool gunman, a talented leader or a sharp-minded detective character? All are realized dreams right in the virtual world. Join me to discover Top 5 the most downloaded games on May 2022 from the most played multi-genre. Don't miss this post Top 5 games in free full 2022!

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1. Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

This game about horror story on various occasions the size of Chapter 1, you ought to fall further into the toy modern office. Mind-desensitizing enigmas and horrible toys expect. Catch and swing your heading to some place safe. Endeavor to move away and don't permit Mommy to find you.

The Train Station:

Examine one of Playtime Co's. most well known regions, the Game Station! This Train Station is something past a pitstop... there's games, a wilderness exercise center, and significantly more. Amazingly better the train offers a straight chance right out of the assembling plant.

New Toys:

This handling plant is stacked up with extras of a twisted past-All you need to do is go further. We ought to ask Bunzo Bunny. Then again perhaps PJ Pug-a-point of help has a couple of contemplations. Then again maybe... Mother knows?


For anyone who is encountering trouble getting to Chapter 2, don't ship off the game through your workspace image; rather ship off the game through your Steam Library. A little window will jump up that will allow to pick which part you really want to play. Furthermore have a go at uninstalling and reinstalling after C2 totally finishes downloading. I sees that when I reinstalled the general game report size was greater than my hidden foundation of the game. That aside, I had a genuinely extraordinary time with this segment. Truly charming and testing puzzles, and had several seconds that genuinely taken me jump haha (similarly experienced very little concerning blunders. Derive I got lucky). I also genuinely underestimated precisely the way that disturbing Mommy could get. Looking forward for what comes next in Chapter 3!

You can download: Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 free pc

You can buy this game now: Poppy Playtime - Chapter 2

2. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Absolutely Accurate Battle Simulator is an insane physical science based procedure game.

Experience precise fighting throughout the long term, TABS utilizes cutting edge physical science based recreation to give you an unmatched glance at the best fights in our set of experiences.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the best game to watch during those particularly disturbing events in light of nonappearance of rest due to sustaining. It requires inconsequential thought and is perfect for limited capacities to concentrate, yet it similarly makes an enormous proportion of grouping, entertainment, and humor. Generally, you get more than you pay for and that makes TABS my best friend in the whole world right now.

You can download: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator free pc

You can buy this game in here: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

3. House Flipper

House Flipper

Acknowledge position offers from neighboring inhabitants - clean up, paint dividers, present radiators, showers, and constrained air frameworks, or even outfit their whole property!

Using those gadgets in like manner gives you experience, which can be used to refresh them and clean your capacities, making your work altogether more beautiful.

Regardless if you plan to make the ideal spot, help the occupants with their rebuilds or need to smack a couple of dividers -

House Flipper is sticking around for You! So sit gently, let go off your common consistently timetable, and dive into the universe of House Flipper... into your existence!


House Flipper is a game for individuals who like to focus on furniture position and room organizes correspondingly whatever amount of a game for people participate in the essential exhibit of cleaning. (Without a doubt, we exist!) Most of the starter homes you'll buy are fixed with junk starting with one divider then onto the next and shrouded in grime in places I didn't understand stains could reach. The squalor on display is meanwhile astounding and ludicrous.

It's on you to make things look flawless (or conceivably get everything to an enough adequate state so you can bring in cash). Among other little tasks, you'll get trash, vacuum cockroaches, cut your mop at stains, scour windows, mortar openings, and replace broken down power plugs. Presenting showers, lavatories, radiators, and sinks is to some degree more included - you really want to truly snap and hold your mouse on individual parts to gather them each little advance in turn - yet that is essentially all around as tangled as House Flipper anytime gets. For better and for all the more horrendous, its understanding of update is all very improved and streamlined.

House Flipper sorts out some way to scratch a specific shiver, yet it needs long stretch inspirations and just all around feels like a messed up an entryway. With more substance, clean, instinct, and customization, this could transform into a lovely sleeper hit. It's helpful without any certifications, but it won't hold your thought for quite a while.

You can download: House Flipper free pc

You can buy this game nowHouse Flipper

4. Sifu


Sifu is the story of an energetic Kung Fu student on a method of retaliation, pursuing the enemies of his loved ones. One against all, he has no accomplices, and countless enemies. He wants to rely upon his stand-out predominance of Kung Fu as well as a peculiar pendant to win, and shield his family's legacy.

On the method of revenge:

The pursuit after your enemies will take you through the mystery corners of the city, from the gathering ridden rustic regions to the cool anterooms of the corporate apexes. You have one day, and vast enemies on your way. For every stumble, time will be the expense to pay.

Change is the way:

Mindful arranging and sharp use of the environment for your potential advantage are indispensable to your perseverance. Use everything accessible to you: throwable things, ad libbed weapons, windows and edges... The circumstance is everything except good for you, and you will be offered no thoughtfulness.

Getting ready continues endlessly for eternity:

Kung Fu is authority through preparing, a way for both the body and the mind. Acquire from your botches, open unprecedented capacities, and find the strength inside yourself to rule the amazing techniques for Pak-Mei Kung-Fu.


From indisputably the primary punch, Sifu is totally rigid in its arrangement. Absolver engineer Sloclap's latest hand to hand battling beat-em-up is solid, its fight astonishing, its exuberance top notch, its music unprecedented, and its story - while astoundingly direct - is strong and lavishly told. It's also unforgiving and unashamed, with pockets of disheartening minutes during which I was emphatically not in my merry spot. However, before the end, Sifu offered me a practically unparalleled sensation of strength and accomplishment, and I can't imagine that I would've felt a debt of gratitude half such a lot of accepting it chilled out.

Sifu demands an incredible arrangement from you, and that is a blade that cuts the two distinct ways. Its fight is perfect, with amazingly smooth and powerful action, significant engaging mechanics, and testing adversaries that really make you fight without keeping down for each victory. At the same time, the emphasis that comes from replaying levels so you can fundamentally set a high score and permit yourself an open door at completing the rest of the short mission with what's really one persevering pool of lives can incite a couple of genuinely bewildering minutes with no clear a path through beyond essentially trying and endeavoring until you improve at it, which can frustrate. On the contrary side of that terrible assumption to learn and adjust, nonetheless, is one of the most extraordinary beat-em-ups I've anytime played, with astounding level arrangement, marvelous music, and - when it was all over the place - a pride and satisfaction that two or three other PC games can give.

You can download: Sifu free pc

You can buy this game nowSifu

5. Poppy Playtime

Poppy playtime 1

You ought to stay alive in this abominableness/puzzle insight. Endeavor to get through the pernicious toys keeping it together for you in the dismissed toy plant. Use your GrabPack to hack electrical circuits or catch anything from a remote spot. Examine the cryptic office... additionally, don't get found out.

The game as of now integrates the chief segment. Any future segments will similarly cost $4.99 and will be as DLC.


EnchantedMob sends word they will after a short time be conveying the chief segment of their new awfulness experience PC game, Poppy Playtime. Poppy Playtime is a solitary player, first-individual, terribleness themed puzzle game created by MOB Games and Game Director Isaac Christopherson. Fans can now rundown of things to get the game on Steam.

You can download: Poppy Playtime free pc

You can buy this game now: Poppy Playtime

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