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Control characters from the Touhou Undertaking series in this shooting activity game including rapid aeronautical versus battle! Danmaku fights quicker than you've at any point seen will unfurl in the skies of Gensokyo as you utilize your versatility to avoid endless disasters flying at you with different spells.

Valkyrie of Phantasm latest version, Valkyrie of Phantasm free download pc,  download Valkyrie of Phantasm crack

Screenshot Valkyrie of Phantasm free download PC

Valkyrie of Phantasm latest version, Valkyrie of Phantasm free download pc,  download Valkyrie of Phantasm crack

Valkyrie of Phantasm latest version, Valkyrie of Phantasm free download pc,  download Valkyrie of Phantasm crack

About Valkyrie of Phantasm download free


A shooting star unexpectedly collides with Gensokyo.

A break shows up on its metallic, egg-like surface, and little particles of light radiate through the breaks,

furthermore, they disperse at the same time, every which way.

Ultimately, they arrive at the most impressive inhabitants of Gensokyo.

One of these lights arrives at Reimu Hakurei. It inundates her as it changes into what resembles a suit of protective layer.

A name reverberations in her mind, and she rehashes it without holding back,

"Valkyrie Arms..."

Detecting the starting points of an episode, she moans and glances off the way which the light came from.

She drifts very high, and is gone instantly, abandoning only a red path of light her.

Flying quicker than any time in recent memory, Reimu understands that her protection — her Valkyrie Arms — are to thank for her newly discovered speed.

Who gave her this power, and for what reason? To find the explanation for everything, Reimu rushes on her way... however, it doesn't take well before somebody holds her up.

"Appears as though I'm not alone."

Remaining before Reimu is another young lady, correspondingly clad in a bunch of Valkyrie Arms. They were both conceded a similar power, and the two of them realize what should be finished...

What's more, subsequently, a rapid danmaku fight starts.

Valkyrie of Apparition depends on the Touhou series,

yet, has a fresh out of the box new unique story with the makers' own understandings of the world and characters.

This is a Touhou Task fan game created by Areazero.

Game Framework

■ Fundamental Activities

 Assault: Play out a short proximity skirmish assault

 Shot: Shoot projectiles; hold for fast discharge

 Spell: Cast a strong projectile example spell

 Step: Play out a speedy avoidance

 Help Run: Run mid-trip at high-speeds

 Watch: Set up a hindrance to obstruct assaults

■ Unique Activities

 Accel Drive: Enhancer for a brief time (raises development speed, movement speed, and assault power)

The expansion in details relies upon the quantity of charges in the Drive Check

 Level 1 to Even out 3 + Level MAX

 Makes burst impacts

 Accel Drive Spell: A strong spell just usable during Accel Drive

 Extreme Spell: An incredibly strong spell just usable at Level MAX

 Charged Skirmish Assault: Has a watchman breaking impact. Breaks the watchman and amazes the adversary

 Rush Assault: A mid-range charge assault

 Side Assault: A high velocity flank assault (make two strides at a right point and assault from the flank)

 Backstep Assault: Do a backstep and afterward assault

 Help Run Assault: A strong strike managed after a Lift Run that stuns the rival

 Step Drop: Find a way to drop the inactive in the middle between assault activities

Number of Players

Early Access rendition: 1-2 players※Multiplayer requires online play

※4-Player fights will be included a future update

Free Valkyrie of Phantasm download review

tl;dr - In the event that you honestly love AREAZERO's Sky Field games, you'll like this in lieu of the early access imperfections.

The greatest glaring issue at hand is the means by which this game is in early access- - there's no way to avoid that reality. At the hour of composing this audit, what we have are four characters (Reimu, Marisa, Youmu, Inconsistent) and four tradable spells for their movesets. There's just a single stage right well that is only recolored to various seasons of day with no design on it other than trees which is a piece frustrating.

Do the trick to say, there's not an excess of content to propose at this point with regards to characters, stages, spells, modes, and so forth which is a tad of a let down falling off of how gigantic the Sky Field games are, yet what I can recognize is that the center ongoing interaction is generally excellent. As I would like to think, it's brilliant. I've generally observed the more seasoned Sky Field games to be somewhat burdensome by they way they play, however Valkyrie plays so well. The avoiding/versatility choices are remarkably liquid. In general, the motivation to get this right now is the Ongoing interaction.

I referenced there just being four characters and just four potential spells, however and still, at the end of the day, the way that they connect with the center ongoing interaction gives an enormous measure of mechanical profundity as of now. I won't carefully describe better mechanics like accel check/movement drops/accel spells and so forth, yet a game with profundity is 100 percent there, even in its present status.

There were a few surveys diminishing the interactivity, or offering remarks that the person movesets felt homogeneous, however I can't understand where they're coming from. It's very much conveyed what a person's assets once you begin tossing out their spells. Reimu and Marisa are all-arounders, Youmu needs to play exceptionally near their adversary, Patchouli is only space control. To individuals who view as the game precisely missing or awkward: you're not practicing your choices. Support evade is the greatest thing to learn on the grounds that it lets you movement drop, it allows you to brush, it lets you microcorrect your situating, it allows you to string together some exceptionally fulfilling skirmish combos (and assuming you play Youmu you can watch 1/3 of their life bar exhaust while you string scuffle into your spells). Ideally me unveiling that simply provides you with a thought of what you can anticipate from the ongoing interaction. 🥴🥴🥴

Netcode is another Immense positive. It's incredibly, great, and there were no hitches in any event, while playing for certain companions from across the world (NA>EU). It was an impact. I'm entirely shocked it simply functions admirably out of the case, which can't be said for a great deal of other doujin games.

My main really outward regrettable comments concerning the game is the exhibition and absence of video settings. The way things are correct now just goal is accessible, and it seems like the game is hard-covered to ~30FPS. Trust that changes since that is a totally substantial obstruction to section.

I felt a sense of urgency to compose this survey looking at how as a ton of what others are talking about concerning this are very negative. It all makes sense to me. Perhaps a ton of what the game brings to the table for isn't very much imparted, yet there are instructional exercise and how to play menus not too far off in the menu. In it's present status, I can propose a vigilant suggestion. Commonplace early access blemishes like absence of clean/happy are there. In any case, assuming you wind up joined to the Sky Field series and you end up vacillating, I need to say that you ought to try it out - particularly on the off chance that you have a buddy or (three, when 2v2 emerges) that you can run a few sets with. Can hardly hang tight for the 2v2 mode and more characters + choices for those characters!

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Information Valkyrie of Phantasm free crack

  • Name: Valkyrie of Phantasm
  • Genre: Action, Indie, Story,...
  • Developer: AREAZERO
  • Publisher: PLAYISM
  • Release date: 23 Oct, 2022

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Configuration required Valkyrie of Phantasm crack:


  • OS: Windows 8 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 Gen 4
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 750
  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 11


  • OS: Windows 10/11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i5 Gen 5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1070
  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 11

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