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Download Yotsume God Reunion free full crack, cracked PC. You can download free Yotsume God Reunion for free download Google Drive, One Drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with faster link download free. In September of my third year in middle school, I went with my dad to my grandparents' home in the mountains. The spot we showed up at was Yotsu Village. It was a little town that had long had faith in "Yotsume God". There I meet a strange kid.

Yotsume God Reunion free download

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Yotsume God Reunion free crack

Yotsume God Reunion free full

About this game


"An 'undesirable youngster' will be removed by Yotsume God."

Mai Sahara, a third-year middle school understudy, goes with her dad to her grandparents' home in the mountains.

Mai has quirks that permit her to see and hear things that individuals around her can't.

In a little while, Mai shows up at her grandparents and nods off, depleted from the excursion.

As she wakes from a bizarre dream, two kids abruptly show up before her.

Directed by the youngsters, she meanders into Yotsume Shrine.

There she meets a strange kid.

"Try not to contact me."

"Hopelesness will happen upon you."

"Settling two secrets: reality with regards to the Yotsume God and the past of the Sagara family.

The revamp of the Japanese-style get away from experience is currently on Steam®.


-Character voices played by astonishing voice entertainers and entertainers to make the story much more sensational.

-Appreciate new outlines and situations not seen in "Yotsume God".

-Characters that move expressively with activitys.

-"Get away from experience novel" - another sort that adds a significant story to the getaway game.

-A multi-finishing framework where endings change contingent upon the decisions made and things utilized.

-A Japanese-style storyline that permits players to partake in the realm of sanctums and Japan.

-A clue work is incorporated to assist first-time with getting away from game players partake in the game.

Voice Cast:

Mai Sahara: Hiyori Kono

Imigo: Megumi Arakawa

Tagata: Kodai Sakai

Kuro: Atsuki Nakamura

Shiro: Ayaka Fujimoto

Makoto Sahara: Yu Kitada

Shuji Sagara: Kanehira Yamamoto


Opening Theme Song:


Artist: Riko Sasaki

Verses: Riko Sasaki, Hisao Sasaki

Writer/Arrangement: Hisao Sasaki

Reviews from buyer


I used to play this game at versatile and it was generally excellent, however the change is way better. The CGs and the voice entertainers truly helped making this game more passionate I truly partook in my ongoing interaction and I trust individuals can see the value in this great story SEEC has made us. This game is really great for any individual who is keen on Japan strict history, regardless of whether they are not, they will in any case appreciate this is a direct result of good plot, awesome person elements that can make you chuckle now and again because of their shenanigans, and engaging here and there if you catch my drift. I ridiculously love this show-stopper and I wish more individuals can play it. Furthermore I truly trust they discharge another game like Tasokare Hotel and Alice Spiritual Judge.


According to the point of view of somebody who played and adored the first on portable, Yotsume God Reunion is certainly worth settling the score on the off chance that you've effectively played it. It fixes various interpretation blunders and abnormal riddles that were available in the first (however there are as yet a couple of mistakes to a great extent), and the additional CGs and voice lines add a LOT to the passionate experience of the game. The "extraordinary version" storyline is especially great imo and 100 percent makes me want to cry. 

The best examination I can cause for how the story causes me to feel is that it evoked a comparative enthusiastic reaction as watching "Your Name" did: fairly self-contradicting and bound to make me ponder the ramifications for the following week in a row. Concerning the riddles, they're not excessively hard, and the clue + answer framework functions admirably when you in all actuality do stall out. The main part I experienced difficulty with was a last riddle in the extraordinary version story (which I then, at that point, felt extremely inept for not moving immediately). It's additionally got a beautiful soundtrack that truly helps put things in place.

Generally speaking 10/10 would purchase once more (and in fact I did!)


This great Never in my 12+ long stretches of recess I feel exhausted. Indeed, even a companion of mine who totally detest perusing VN additionally acclaim this game. A very elegantly composed story with numerous endings. Each finishing gradually provides you with some brief look at the foundation story/secret. Incredible harmony between puzzle, story and player decision. All that check out and doesn't feel constrained or awkward. Puzzle are for the most part simple/typical trouble, with the exception of the final remaining one in the unique story line which I actually couldn't sort out the response till now. Fortunately somebody post the response in the discussion which save me a long while. Over powered/ED music and BGM are on the money with the story setting in addition to they are relieving to the ear. I'm actually circling this on my Spotify playlist rn. Craftsmanship, Movie, Cinematic and Animation are of a magnificent quality. Smooth motion and look progress favored my eyes uwu. I don't identity know any of the voice entertainer here, yet SEEC worked effectively finding one that match and ready to give life to the person so I am thankful for that. Will and readily purchase all the game that SEEC will deliver later on!!

The following is simply me yelling about the person and could contain spoiler: 

Note: this is my first VN game without an otoge tag. The game grabbed my eye due to the cover photograph and I have the impression from the abstract that this has Spirited Away and Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light energy so I just instabuy the game. Trust all of you appreciate :3

You can buy this game now: Yotsume God -Reunion-

Instructional video


  • Name: Yotsume God Reunion 
  • Genre:Adventure, Casual, Anime...
  • Developer: seec.inc 
  • Publisher: seec.inc 
  • Release date: 16 Feb 2022

Notice when installing

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  • OS: Windows 7-11 (32-64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: no need
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher


  • OS: Windows 7-11 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2.4 GB
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher

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